[BUG][WIN] Custom Game Victory Settings can duplicate

In Custom Games I can set multiple Victory Conditions to be the same objective.
i.e. “Total Revenue = $5,000,000” and Total Revenue = $5,000,000" (or they can be different - doesn’t matter, it doesn’t make sense either way - IMO).

Seems like a victory Condition should be grayed-out/disabled if it has already been selected - like some of the other Custom settings work (AI name, Starting Research, etc)
The same appears true for all other possible victory conditions (Operating Profit, Products with Profit, etc.)

Trivially, if u set Victory condition to “Within X years” and don’t set any other conditions, as soon as you start the game, you WIN!!

(b/c you didn’t have to do anything before X years). Could consider this a different bug as it doesn’t require multiple Victory Conditions.

Yeah, fair enough. I can make it grey out the ones you’ve already chosen. Although let’s face it, you could just not choose the same VC twice. :stuck_out_tongue: