[BUG?] [WIN] [Minor] Custom Game AI name chosen

Was playing Custom Game to test AIs Barclay and Tess. Added 2 AIs in Custom Game; chose those 2.

Started the game and chose “Barclay” as my Incorporation name (had expected Barclay and Tess to be unavailable).
It allowed me to play (and in fact used Barclay image for me). The game seemed to select the next available AI (IIRC it was “Orion”).
Tess was still one of the AIs.

So I guess the intent is not to stop a player from selecting the same AI as has already been specified in the Custom Game setting
but it seems it should at least warn the player the AI is changing. Minor, but still…

Yeah, that’s fair. A better solution would probably be to just disallow the player to choose an AI that is already taken. The problem is when it comes down to random AIs. I don’t know which ones to disallow on the company incorp screen because they haven’t been randomised yet. It all comes down to the way that new games are generated, the way I first designed actually made it a bit of a nightmare when I added custom games. If I could redesign everything from scratch now, it would be quite different! To manage your expectations: I probably won’t be changing this because it would actually be a big code rewrite - probably introduce more bugs than it’s worth!