[BUG][WIN] opponent has patents in Full Unlock scenario

I’m playing the scenario “May not cause side effects” (from Full Unlock) a game in which patents should be disabled for this scenario (from the last Vlog I understand that’s the case for all the “Full Unlock” scenarios). After loading a saved game mid-way through it seems my opponent is now taking out patents, none were taken before I saved and loaded, but that could be coincidental.

I do not have access to patents, I cannot see any information about his patents in the UI (even with fully upgrade espionage), but I am prevented from selling drugs that match his patents.

I’ve not yet had a chance to try and reproduce this on other scenarios or saved games (I’ve a few saves spanning this game though if they’d be useful to you).

Heh - that would be nasty. I guess I haven’t played “May not cause side effects” far enough. My AI has 6 drugs currently and no patents yet.

I guess “normally” patents might come when AI gets another 5 or so.

Still haven’t seen patents, but my AI appears to be cheating. She/It has started producing a cure w/ a side effect.
Sure the creamer can reduce the side effects, but it is still there (inflames skin). Is that allowed?

In the image, note:
the last drug “Medicorp” (the AI) is producing w/ “Appetite Suppressant” has it. I’m on the same challenge - as you can see by the challenge objectives:
“Don’t cause a single side-effect”


I had the same thing happen to me in one of the Full Unlock scenarios, different one to you though. Here is showing the patent pop up, and no patents option in research screen.

Technically, they’re not cheating. You can make cures with side effects in that scenario, but you’ll fail the scenario. They’re just not playing to win the scenario.

Fair play, I must not have coding this properly. Will get it fixed.