[Bug] You can get two modal dialogs up at once


Odd issue I noticed tonight, by doing something stupid…

If you start a battle, stick speed up to 4x and click “Admit defeat” then let the battle finish in the background before you do anything else, then the “admit defeat” dialog box will stay on screen when you win or get beaten. It just gets covered up by the victory/defeat dialog.

That can lead to some odd situations - if you get beaten, while the “admit defeat” dialog is up, it gets hidden by the “defeat” dialog. Clicking the button to go back to the fleet deployment screen will make the “admit defeat” dialog reappear over the deployment screen. Then clicking the battle stats button will make that dialog pop up, and you won’t be able to get rid of it again without closing the game down - the “main menu” button doesn’t work…

Also, alt-tabbing back to windows when two dialogs are displayed means the screen will be black when you alt-tab back in again. You seem to have to close down GSB to get out of that state. Makes it hard to write a bug report… :wink:

[System is Dell Studio 17, Win7 x64 RC, 4GB RAM, Radeon Mobility HD 3650]