I found a bug, in one of my game saves my people are 100% socialist and 25.3% capitalist… and being that those 2 are obistes…

This is still a problem in 1.05 - when you view focus groups, there are people who are both socialists and capitalists. I thought I’d try to fix this in the votersgroup file, but it is already set so that socialists are -1 capitalists. A friend of mine tried the game the other day, and wanted to create a socialist nation - however, he ended up annoying some socialists because his policies were socialist (and therefore not liked by capitalists!) Is this a problem in the game code?

I’m looking at it now, but I suspect its a problem because although the code ensures nobody can initially be a capitalist and a socialist, it doesn’t prevent socialist-boosting policies from converting someone into a socialist who is already a capitalist as the game runs.
I’m trying to think of a simple way to prevent this.

Presumably if a person is converted to a socialist, they should be removed from the capitalist group. It makes sense that if you run policies that increase the amount of socialists, eventually people are going to start converting from capitalists to socialists. However, presumably a capitalist is less likely to want to convert into a socialist than someone who is neither. Thus should there be an additional value that governs the individuals likelihood of converting?

Thus as well as having “influences” as there are at the moment which affect the likelihood when the game starts up, you may have an additional value in the voter types csv file (or perhaps just an additional value calculated based on the current figures in the csv file) that governed the liklihood of conversion.

This would mean that the influences figure for socialists at the beginning would still be Capitalist,-1.0, meaning that there would be no socialists who were also capitalists. As you increased the amount of socialists, this would disproportionately affect the group of people who were neither capitalist or socialist - the “undecideds”. So, let’s say that 100,000 joined the socialist group, the chances are that most would be neither (probably at first those who had previously had socialist leanings but not been “socialist”) but you would get some capitalists. You would have the same with the wealthy, so the wealthy would be less likely to be converted to socialism by your policies. Not quite as unlikely as capitalists (as they are not the opposite, and as it would be based on the value in the csv file of Wealthy,-0.9.

That probably doesn’t constitute a “simple way” but it’s just my thoughts on the issue.

I’ve looked at it, and the problem is that the code that stops socialists becoming capitalists and liberals becoming conservatives only applies to their initial data, so policies, even those in effect at the start of the game can override this.
The fix I’ve put in (and am testing) is where there are 2 sets of opposites, liberal/conservative and socialist/capitalist. Basically you cannot be in both, and you will join the group whose desire to be in is the highest.
It seems to be working just fine, I’m doing some playthrough tests before I release it into the wild though.