Bugfix and development feature list (changelog)

I’m with you Hybrinoid, I love having the large range of weapons to destroy the enemy with (or get destroyed with in some cases)
i have started adding heavy versions of turrets to satisfy my thirst for destruction !
But what i am really hanging out for the campaign expansion pack :slight_smile:

Yeah, every new content by Cliffsky is welcome, whether in form of an expansion or with the updates. The two existing expansions are great.

For an indie game, I have been more than impressed by the professional approach as well as the support to the game.

Hard to find that in even the AAA titles out there — much less stability/clean code.

Kudos to you cliffski, Kudos.

P.S. I too will be buying any additions that may come our way in the form of expansions / addons. This is a great game to play.

The new UI features and usabitlity fixes in 1.41 are great. I always thought that it is a bit annoying to have to scroll through all ship hulls in the design screen although you have selected a specific race. Good work! The damage indicators are also useful, but look a bit ugly. So I’ll keep them disabled most of the time.

Seems to be a nice new update. I have to play the game again to see if the performance has increased.

Yeah congratulations for the newest update now i can see the battles at 4.0x speed without any glitches in sound or movement… it just works beautiful

The game says I’m using version 1.50, how do I patch it to 1.51? It doesn’t do so automatically for me.

Do the undo move command is available or we have to wait till another patch???

Can the ship placement box be bigger? Its hard to place some ships due to this.

Niiiice 1.56 but, do you already “uploaded” it? because my GSB is not updated, it stills in 1.55…

It’s not released yet

how to unlock those extra 3 galactic maps? when i enter the the conquest setup i have region Galactic Conquest, the map seems to be empty and Planets are 0

oh an i have this error in debug.txt file:

ps and i think i missed the 1.55 patch

Thanks for the continuous improvements!

Just to clarify, in patch 1.61, is

Referring to that bug/glitch I’d heard about a lot where battles would have very different outcomes depending on what speed you play them at? E.G. Fighters would live much longer at 4x and die quickly at 0.2x etc.

Or is this bugfix referring to something else?