Bugs and possible humble suggestions

Hello everyone,

Big hello to Mitu, what a great game you have here. I posted a little of this on Facebook but I think this is the best place to post bugs and suggestions for you.

Anyway just some notes. I am using the latest Beta as I only just purchased the game 2 days ago. (Big fan of indie titles!)

I have played two games now, the second I am not quite at the end so I can’t confirm if I get the same issue. Briefly here is a description.

  1. At the end of the 180 days, everyone dies and there is a button to return to the main menu on the bottom right. The button does not do anything, the music continues so I believe it freezes. I have only had this happen once so the sample size is not good enough but I just thought I’d mention it. Over the weeks I shall do more testing. Another freeze also happened when I got my pass to the Omega bar the continue button did not do anything and no results were being put up on screen, so there was a freeze there.

  2. A different possible bug I found even in game 2 was trying to get a job in the second tier of level 4. Even though I know the boss, friend them, have all other requirements in green, they say I am unsuitable for the job. This happened also in the first game I tried but it is happening again in the second game.

Possible humble suggestions :slight_smile:

  1. I often forget to eat, and although it is only a few mouse clicks it might be nice to streamline eating for 4-6 times to get your health back to 100%.

Some questions / balance issues

  1. When I buy an item from S.H.O.P we need to discard it when we are finished with it yet ? Some items seem to not last too long, perhaps our happiness with the item should fall down slowly rather than just for from say +5 to 0 ?? I don’t know, you are in the best position to make that call Mitu. I did not feel right ditching the robo cat. Surely the robo cat should stay with us ? :slight_smile:

  2. I found it off friends get annoyed at not being invited to a function despite the fact they are not available so if you invite them and they are not available you loose points of course and if you don’t invite them they are unhappy with you, so some tweaking there perhaps ?

  3. Sure it is up to us to post on people’s walls etc and message them but we do seem to do a lot of the work as well, perhaps some tweaking that the AI perhaps should also be perhaps a little more responsive ? Of course it depends on the relationship they wish to cultivate with us…again just a thought.

  4. Once an away team member dies (or several) it is really hard to get the happiness up, sure it would take time but daily at work you get a steady -15 or -30 in happiness and getting that back in the positives is almost impossible even when changing jobs, again this is a sight balance issue…possibly…

That’s it from me. Please no need to apologise for bugs this is all part of the beta testing. The game is fantastic and it will get better and better as things improve. Currently I am just dying to get past level 4 stage 1 :slight_smile: I’ll do more testing in a few weeks time and continue to report back to try to help.

Thank you Mitu, your game is fantastic.

I tried to attach the savegame files and output log here but it will not allow it. The file is only 3K but it won’t allow it I’m afraid. I’ll email you direct.

I also got the Omega pass and the same thing happened, my game showed up as the event but just crashed and froze on that screen. I guess they have not implemented it yet ?

Dying to see what happens in the Omega bar :slight_smile: