Bugs and quirks.

Through exhaustive playtesting (I’ve played it a bit today) and repeated experiments (I noticed the same thing more than once) I’ve come up with a short list of minor bugs/quirks.

Beam weapons often fire underneath other turrets: make a cruiser, slap on lots of beam turrets, zoom in on it, the beams seem to be able to fire between other turrets and the ship.

Constantly maxed motion blur when in tracking mode: Erm. Yeah. It’s a bit fuzzy, even when tracking a cruiser moving at 0.16.

Missiles don’t always explode: Since I tend to use missiles fairly exclusively I notice this a lot, but sometimes missiles will reach an enemy vessel and just… disappear. No boom, no trail of fire, just a disappearance. I’m not even sure if they damage the ship.

Missiles don’t hit the tops of ships: This isnt really a bug, just slightly annoying. Most of the time missiles fly under enemy ships and cease to exist. It’d be nice if some flew over the enemy ship sprite and exploded.

File … Error: This one was a bit weird, and i’m fairly sure it’s because I reinstalled after changing some options, but when restarting the game I got a dialogue box saying “File” with YES and NO buttons. Clicking yes crashed the game, clicking no sent me to another dialogue box which then crashed the game.

There we go. Mostly minor things that you can add to the bottom of your todo list (which I’m sure is looking a tad long). I apologise if any of these have already been reported or are a result of my own stupidity.

I certainly agree about the missiles - all on-target missiles should fly over the top of the enemy ship, hit something and explode. It’s fine for the ones aimed at something else or going to miss to fly underneath, but currently you just have no idea what’s happening to them, if they’re doing damage, or what.