I played the demo and bought the full game the same day, approx 3 weeks ago.
I have had some enjoyment from the game - however that has now changed to frustration and disapointment.
When I got ‘KudosFull’ I installed and started playing straightaway - I found it an enjoyable and fullfilling experience (in playing a game terms) and completed my first game the same day.
However, I eagerly download every net update available through the game, each time another problem seems to appear. It’s getting really, really annoying - EVERY time I try to either load an autosave or manual save the game crashes, fails to load and i have to restart my pc and get the recovered from a fatal error message.
I have installed to update, then installed it again the other day as I read somewhere it had been updated - I have also read the other posts regarding this but nothing seems to help.
I can play the game, but I don’t have the time to play right through everytime without saving - and even if I do the game still crashes because of a failed to load sound error and the music/sound loops unil I have to manually restart my pc.
This is just to make cliffski aware of my problems with the game, I’m not demanding a refund (I’m looking forward to how the game will grow and evolve and want to be a part of it) or flaming the creator. It’s just getting annoying and I hope it can be fixed.
Thanks cliffski for making and continuing to enhance Kudos, I appreciate that the game is pretty much still at beta testing and I think you warned with the update that there may be some problems - I just wanna play :unamused:

Hmmm, it could be that the updates ahve just screwed up somehow, if you email me your order number, I can resetup a full downlaod link for you. then you can be sure everythings where it should be, and from that point, any crashes are definitely bugs I should look into.
Some of the updates did invalidate older save games, so that could be part of the problem.

thanks for the quick reply, it’s appreciated…
i just sent an email to support@positech.co.uk giving the order no. and date.
hope this works :slight_smile:

Again, thanks for the very quick responses.
I downloaded the game from the link you provided and installed it over the original. I deleted the autosave and manual save I already had, prob should have tried them first but didn’t.
I’m very happy, I played on and off all day (Sunday is Gameday for me), saved and loaded autosaves and manual saves without a single problem, no crashes or sound issues. Noticed some nice enhancements too :slight_smile:

Just one thing though regarding one of the jobs that doesn’t have any requirements - i think someone may already have pointed this out: I took a new job straightaway I should get paid around 10 quid a day but with tips I get around 50-60 quid a day, obviously it increases with promotions - maybe its meant to be this way but i dont think so unless easy difficulty affects this - it actually spoilt the game a bit as i was loaded throughout and had more money than i knew what to do with.

Right, off to start a new game… :smiley:

that sounds like the bartender file mod, if you delete and re-download it, its fixed.