bugs I found and remember

The game says I’m using version 1.50

  1. multiple issues with deleting a ship design. Both in the campaign and in normal battle mode.
    I can’t quite tell where it goes wrong exactly, but it happens often to me.
    battle mode: when starting a battle use the design ship button. design a ship and name it. go back to battle, place the ship, go back to design and delete the design, go back to battle, notice design is still there. You are now on thin ice, the game could crash soon.
    campaign: I get a load failed error when trying to load a campaign. I’m positive this is directly linked to deleting a design.

  2. delete campaign button doesn’t work.

  3. campaign: when an enemy captures your planet with a repair yard on it and you send a fleet to take it back, you can use the repair yard before the battle.

  4. campaign: when you have a fleet of cruisers + fighters and you send it to a planet where either are not allowed, you get a tutorial message saying you didn’t equip engines instead of mentioning the spatial anomaly.

  5. campaign (not sure if a bug): the planet with -50% weapon range causes fighters with “fighter rocket launcher” to be unable to fire their weapon at all. It’s probably not the only weapon that can’t fire.

  1. If you use a design in a campaign, then delete that design, the campaign, obviously, will fail to load later on. I’m pretty sure this has been reported already, you should check cliff’s thread about reported and confirmed bugs.
  2. It works fine here. Any steps on how to reproduce it?
  3. fighter rockets have a min/max range of 280/450. -50% gets you to 280/225, so they’re basically not usable in this sccenario.
  1. I checked but didn’t see it.
  2. deleting a campaign never worked for me. I was reluctant to post about it because it’s such an obvious bug. So I don’t know how to reproduce it. reinstalling the game doesn’t fix it for me by the way.
  3. yes makes sense. Although I would suggest changing the range to -30% or something so you don’t have to check every single weapon system in the game to see if the max range is more than twice the min range. Gameplay issue for me then, not a bug.