Bugs identified and fixed in the next patch

Just so you know I’m working on them:

Do NOT ban tobacco adverts. It will crash right now, will be fixed in the next patch. I blame the tobacco lobby for that bug :smiley:

Loading in a saved game means you cannot currently resume or save from the main menu. The game will still autosave which you can manually rename, this will be fixed in the next patch.

The report just after an election win stupidly says the election is near. It’s wrong, and that will be fixed too.

There is a bug where saving and loading will seem to change the amount of income you get from taxes drastically for the first turn. I’m working on fixing that now. (I know the cause, the fix is evil…).

Save game date stamps are creation times, not modified. This will be fixed too.

There will be a way to browse potential ministers, plus I’m fixing the bug where the notched sliders with discrete values didn’t work correctly.

Damn -> Here’s another bug.

Ministers seem to get too depressed, even if their sponsoring groups are quite happy (ish).
This is a calculation mess-up which i hope to fix soon. Then hopefully I can work on new content!

And they forget their sympathetic groups. I’ll get that too…

Found a bug where the income from certain taxes should be skewed by the size of voter groups and they are not. I’m testing a fix for this now.

My game crashed whenever I tried to put veteran’s benefits in place.

Is this a version of the game that has had a patch applied? or was it just download as a complete install? I have suspicions that a patch may have caused problems with that policy…

I like to say this was under complete install of the game. It definitely crashed when I tried to implement this policy.