Bugs(?) / Improvements

I’ve been building a mega factory to try and test the game to the limits, and I’ve found a few things

On the “fit body shell station”, when aluminium body shell upgrade is selected, it replaces the requirement for a body shell part, with aluminium.
Should the aluminium body shell upgrade be moved to the “make body shell” station, and the requirement for which type of body shell be dictated by the specification of the model being built. Obviously upgrades could still be required to the stations to be able to make or fit the different types of body shell. These could be implemented “either/or” so that an aluminium station can’t assemble a steel shell, and visa versa.

When you research an upgrade to a station you get an option to apply it to all stations, but there’s no way of doing this later in one hit, you have to do it station by station. And I’ve got hundreds just trying to balance out to a 1m production time. Could a “mass upgrade” button be added?

Similarly, changing the import options from any/out/in has to be done station by station. Could this be changed for a “change all” option. Also, could the options for “source in” be greyed out if the factory doesn’t or can’t produce a part in-house, eg Steel?