Bugs in achievements

Earlier while digging through some files out of curiosity, I noticed 2 achievements are bugged:

God’s Kingdom has the line:


This should be:


Socialist Paradise has:


This should be:


But it doesn’t matter anyway, because I don’t think it’s possible to fulfill this criteria. WorkingWeek has a default value of 0.5 and as far as I can tell the only thing that affects it is the labourlaws policy. This can only reduce it by a maximum of -0.19, making the minimum value of WorkingWeek 0.31, higher than the 0.25 requirement. Given this, I would suggest something like:


Or something like that.

Also, I don’t know if it matters at all (I don’t think so?) but also in Socialist Paradise is:

Equality,>, 0.8,4

Notice the ’ ’ between the , and the 0.8. Don’t know if it matters at all, but I haven’t seen that kind of whitespace anywhere else. So thought it might be worth mentioning.

I hope this was helpful!


This is indeed massively helpful, thankyou!