Bugs in aspriatons

I have encountered a number of bugs in the aspirations.
1: I have been asked to friend someone I am already friends with
2: I have been asked to friend someone who is dead
3: I have been asked to get into a relationship with someone when I am already in a relationship

Also, how can I download the update?

Suggestion: The ability to download updates within the game

Whoops, those definitely shouldn’t be happening – thanks so much for letting us know! We’ll be releasing an update tomorrow which aims to address (amongst other things!) these problems with aspirations. :slight_smile:

You can always get the latest version of the game by visiting the original download link in your email from when you pre-ordered. If your download link is expired, then you can email cliff@positech.co.uk, and we can reset it for you. It’s currently at version 0.2. We’re looking to release v0.3 tomorrow!

Adding to this, we get Aspirations to get hired for a job that is below our current Grade, which seems silly. I think job hiring aspirations should roll over once you are beyond their grade, though of course you won’t get credit for meeting them.

Hi there – this issue was fixed in v0.2; is this the version you’re currently playing? (The menu screen will display the beta version number) If this is still happening for you in v0.2, let me know and I will take another look!

These have been fixed in the latest update, v0.3! viewtopic.php?f=31&t=8272

If anyone still has problems with these, let me know. :smiley:

Yah! I have a HUGE bug - I cant continue my saved game. snif
it just hangs at the loading screen

Yikes, I’m sorry about that! Would you mind sending me your savegame, please, to mitu@thetiniestshark.com (or upload it here!)

Instructions are here if you need them:


e-mailed it to you Mitu

Thanks, Splark! I have a fix for you lined up in the next update – sorry about that!

Update soon I hope?

Hi Splark – this should have been fixed in the last update (from Thursday), v0.31 – sorry for not updating this thread!


I can run the game again, but I still have two broken aspirations, which will cost me karma to be rid of.

It is better to start a new game after updates, because the saves contain weird stuff from previous versions. That is usual how it is with betas of games, not always, but I’ve seen that a lot.