bugs need help please

the instruments do not appear for sale again once someone is fired and leaves with their instruments and i hire somoene new they get stuck with no insturments to buy… can we please get a fix for this asap

they should do, but they get added to the end of the list, so you might need to go to the next page to see them (click the arrow)

cliff not only are the instruments not for sale again… yet i look in their possesions and i see they have them all yet they keep saying they have bad instruments and asking for better ones… i think they are not updating to the better instrument when i buy it for them possibly… could u look at this please its very frustrating.

The same problem happened to me with the bassist so I fired him. Couldn’t please him at all no matter what I did.

I didn’t like Phil Lynnott anyway :open_mouth: :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you tried a re-download :confused:

do they literally have the best instrument but are saying they need a better one? that shouldn’t be possible :frowning:

When I first started, Yes.
But the re-download ( to Version 1.0.4 ) solved it re-happening … at least I think so coz it’s not re-occurred … yet !

It must be fixed, I just played through a whole 5 years with every instrument and didn’t see it.

I have version 1.04 and i look under their possesions and i see they have all of the instruments… yet once i get music skill up to 95 or so they start complaining they need a better instrument… this is happening for all of the band members… they all have the best instuments… yet complain theyre using junk… also, on a side note… I can not rebuy the instruments after buying them once… would u like me to email you my saved game so you can see what im talking about?

yes please email the save to cliff at positech.co.uk and I’ll take a look.
The instruments should be rebuyable, they just get added to the end of the list, so you might need to scroll through the other instruments to find them.

im grabbing the save game and sending it now cliff thanks… there are no instruments to buy once you buy them all so none to scroll through