[Bugs] Things I broke while modding

I’m sure this stuff is very low priority, but I’ll start this list anyway for when there’s nothing else to tweak (ha!)



  1. width cannot be set to over certain values without causing a CTD as soon as a battle containing that ship is launched. The value seems to jump around based on the ship used and the map selected. Interestingly, there is no upper limit on height. I had fun making a 4km supercruiser that couldn’t fit on screen, but tended to crash if width was set over 300.
  2. Display issue - it would be nice if turrets scaled down with ship length/width? Unless the turrets are pretty spaced out to begin with, reducing a frigate’s size much below 90 results in overlapping.

Fixed in 1.08 [size=50]3) ARMOURBOOST, INTEGRITYBOOST and SHIELDBOOST have no effect on anything in-game, as far as I can tell. Try tweaking the values and checking in-game armor, hull, and shield ratings. POWERBOOST and SPEEDBOOST work as expected.[/size]

4) If a missile launcher is installed in a bank of turrets (the i = hardpointX,hardpointY,TURRET,(x-y),(x2-y2), setup), when the launchers fire missiles come from the position of the actual hardpoint rather than the position of the missile turrets drawn on-screen.
5) Potential display issue - there is no upper limit on the number of slots that can be added to a design. However, when I made a 40-slot cruiser for fun (my supercruiser from #1), on the design and battle UIs there isn’t enough room to display more than 20. Maybe a scroll box could be added if there are over 20 components on a design?

Cliffski confirms here that this is just a display bug and the values in battle do change.

Yeah, that’s my topic in the support forums. Glad to know it was just a display issue and armor isn’t going to get (more) absurd again!