Sorry Cliff, I broke it within 5 minutes. I just downloaded the demo to have a quick look-see and it crashed out on me in the middle of my first game.

Firstly I put in my first name and Surname but only the surname was mine. The first name was Shawn and not Tony as i’d entered. I’m not sure if it’s expecting me to press return after i entered it as I remember doing that for the surname even though it didn’t seem to do anything.

The actual crash happened on my second job application. The first job I applied for was rejected so I applied for the car wash job the next day and was accepted. I then clicked on the message in the mobile phone again as I was looking for a delete button but the game must have already removed it from memory or something even though it was still displayed as i banged out straight to desktop.

I remembered you used to have a crash log in the original Kudos so I had a quick look and found this:-

----DEBUG FILE----
Windows XP detected
Kudos 2 Debug File. App version Demo 1.0
Failed to find named object: Career
AddWorkEffect 0.140000 to Happiness
AddWorkEffect 0.155200 to Tiredness
AddWorkEffect 0.020000 to Fitness
AddWorkEffect 0.040000 to Stress
AddWorkEffect 0.140000 to Happiness
AddWorkEffect 0.151584 to Tiredness
AddWorkEffect 0.020000 to Fitness
AddWorkEffect 0.040000 to Stress
AddWorkEffect 0.140000 to Happiness
AddWorkEffect 0.148816 to Tiredness
AddWorkEffect 0.020000 to Fitness
AddWorkEffect 0.040000 to Stress
AddWorkEffect 0.140000 to Happiness
AddWorkEffect 0.146242 to Tiredness
AddWorkEffect 0.020000 to Fitness
AddWorkEffect 0.040000 to Stress
AddWorkEffect 0.140000 to Happiness
AddWorkEffect 0.143849 to Tiredness
AddWorkEffect 0.020000 to Fitness
AddWorkEffect 0.040000 to Stress
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I’ve had three reports of the demo crashing, but everyone who has experienced it describes it happening somewhere different. This means I have no easy fix yet, but obviously I am very keen to track it down.
I can’t get the game to crash at all on any of my machines, but hopefully someone will be able to find a way to replicate the problem. Crash bugs are relatively easy to fix once they are replicated, but it must be something obscure to not trip an error in my debug files.
If anyone else gets the crash, or you get it again, please post here. If possible, if you can go to the control panel, then admin tools, and event viewer, there may be an entry in the application or system log saying what happened, any data whatsoever should help!
Sorry about this bug, should get squashed soon.

Yeah, my game crashed also. The only error I got was " unknown scripted function:…\src\sim_script.cpp". I am new to this so I don’t know it that helps any.

I have played the demo and the full version and both give that error.

Yup, I just found that one whilst looking for the other, but now I can’t reproduce that either. Any idea the circumstances leading up to that? Anything you had just done, or any event that had happened? Do you know what job you had when it happened? or what career?
That scripted function bug should be easy to fix once I can reproduce it, I have added some code to a version here that means the error will be more helpful :smiley:
Games never crash when you want them to, ie: when you are the developer on release day trying to frantically to reproduce bugs :frowning:

Cliff I can hit it every time - just crashed out again doing the same thing.

Apply for a job and wait a couple of days for the phone call to offer you the position. Then click on the phone call and accept the job.

Then just click on the same message in the phone again and “BANG!” you’re back in Windows.

Oh and ignore the name entry thing I mentioned in the original post. That’s me being a doofus! :slight_smile:

It crashes at different times. Sometimes sooner and sometimes later in the game. At this point, I haven’t tracked what I was
clicking. I have being trying to pursue being a doctor. When it crashes I just come back in and click autosave, it usually picks
back up where I left off or at least very close to where I left off. I will pay more attention next time.

I got the crash after about 10 minutes (in the demo) when I selected a visit to a Mexican restaurant, Don Pablos, and a message popped up that I wasn’t cool enough to book a table there. That was so upsetting that the game froze up, I guess. The message was “Unknown scripted function:…\src\SIM_Script.cpp 259.”

I also had a problem naming my character–first she had a default name, and I renamed her. When the game opened, she had a completely different (third) name. I don’t see how this could be user error, as someone else said.

Also I can’t hear the phone ring–although I had the same problem in the original Kudos. Sometimes the phone would ring, and sometimes it wouldn’t. So maybe it will also ring sporadically in the new game. My drivers are up to date and I play all kinds of other games without sound problems. The only thing I can think of is that I play with the music turned down (although enabled). Is the phone sound linked to the music?

PS: (off topic) Thanks for setting the price at $19.95, that will mean I can buy the game sooner. Also, I really like being able to pick the colors of the hair and clothing. I do hope that (once you work out the kinks in the code) you will work on adding more variety to the clothes and different racial types for the hair and faces.

Got another error “Unknown scripted function:…\src\SIM_Script.cpp 209” This crash was while loading an saved game.

and how do you get a your character to start driving their car to work? I bought a car, but I didn’t see a place to take driving lessons.

Apparently driving lessons are an unlockable activity, like church, swimming, and walking in the park. I bought, sold, and rebought a car before I worked this one out by checking the game files.

you hero!

just reproduced it. Now to work out what goes wrong :smiley:

And… I’ve fixed that one. I’m going to keep playing to try and trigger the script bug, which is a real mystery, then hopefully patch both together. Anyone who has any further data on crashes or bugs please keep posting.


I assume this is a bug, or… a quirk. But after accepting an invitation to the casino (and winning $8. OH YEAH) I found the message remained on my phone. Clicking on it showed the original message, but with “Accept” grayed-out, however “Reject” and “Not Enough Money!” were still clickable. Clicking “Reject” seemed(?) to do nothing, whereas clicking “Not Enough Money!” decreased my honesty and relaxation.

The obvious counter to this is DON’T click options on old messages :slight_smile: however I think disabling the choice buttons might be more prudent.

Wayno, a Relaxed, calm waiter

I’m just uploading a patch now that fixes this, and AFAIK, everything :smiley:

YAY CLIFFSKI! (Do the English drink Bourbon? I’m afraid it’s all I can offer you right now Hands you a bourbon)

BTW, apparently alt-tabbing out of K2 whilst in the in-game screen loses the background when the ‘wavy’ background effect is occurring. The colour fade is there, and air traffic, just no cityscape. Loading the game has no effect, however saving, quitting and then reloading brings it back to normal. Also just progressing to the next ‘turn’ works too.

Perhaps this can be patched in 1.02 :slight_smile: or totally ignored whilst you call me a nit-picker (just don’t forget who’s handing out the free bourbons here)

Wayno, after midnight, but “just one more turn”…

Ah man… I wondered why that sometimes happened but mostly didn’t. Didn’t realise it was the wavy thing. I’ll fix it next patch.

I thought Kudos 2 wasn’t supposed to be released until October 15th, perhaps you should have waited and tested it! Don’t fall down the path of EA Games! Keep your indie roots!
-A fan

My game crashes whenever I take out a “friend of a friend” by himself (without the friend). After the outing, the phone rings… and I assume it’s because the friend of a friend is now going to be a friend but when I click on the phone, it crashes to desktop. It has happened many times today.

ETA: This is with the patch installed.

I was wondering if the OP’s problem was fixed because I have the same issue. I can never play for more than a half hour without it kicking me out of the game