Building a Direct Democracy environment around the Democracy game that has been developed, so far

Hello. I am a “Direct Democracy” advocate and it has occurred to me that it would be a valuable augmentation to the Civic Education of Citizens if there could be a gaming environment that they could practice their new knowledge and skills in.

I discovered “Democracy 4” and was awe struck at the incredible amount of work that has been put into it. Its depictions of the interactions and flows of its political and social elements would be excellent tools in the Virtual Direct Democracy Participation Game that I see…in which a Direct Democracy Citizen could have a place to practice their new governance skills…until “Direct Democracy” emerges into “Reality”. Even after this “emergence” the game could still be used in the further Civic Education of new Citizen adherents that mature and take their place in Our Social and Political Environment.

With this Idea in Mind, I ask “Positech Games” if there might be some interest in developing this fun and useful digital tool for the future of Our Nation?

I could help with the visualization of the scenes that would be involved. Basically the action would take place in a New Capitol in the center of the united States and in the Homes of The People of the imagined Direct Democracy System of governance.

“Positech Games” is my first choice for this project, because of the excellent work it has achieved in “Democracy 4”. Work that would be the Heart and Soul of the expanded “Direct Democracy Game” that could be built around this vital effort, thus far done.

Of course I realize that this project would be expensive, but I have no idea how expensive. Once I get an idea about that, then I can see if the funds can be found to pay for it.

What do you Think about this, “Positech Games”? Is there a possibility that you might be interested in this endeavor?


Would you like to discuss business propositions with cliff (the dev), privately? He goes by the handle @ cliffski here. You can remove the space to make it a working mention.


Thank you for the response, “Chantern15”. Yes, I should get right down to the business aspects of this Idea. No sense in pursuing this, if the costs prove to be beyond Our Reach.

I suppose I can message him from my dashboard here. Thanks again.


Of course, happy to help!


Oh wow, this type of formal speak from an apparent advocate strikes me with such awe


Hi “Silviu200530”. Are you referring to the initial message in this string? If so, well met and happy to make your acquaintance. Its always good to find Kindred Spirits…specially those that share interest in a very worthy cause.

Your “awe” inspires my awe in you. Thank you for your response. It was a surprise and bonus in this quest.

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