built in modules?

is this possible? with weapons or some other module?

Weapons I don’t know, but I have played with things like EMP shield, regular shields, and power generation.

and how did you do it?

l4fngm4n, to me it sounds a bit like your thoughts had been leaning in this direction. thedrag0n22, please read that linked post and the ones which follow…they may give some clues as to what l4fngm4n was hinting at. Aside from those partial exceptions, the answer to what you seek is “no”. Modders have been trying for a very long time in GSB to shove more than one function into a single device, but the game’s codebase generally does not allow that.

thedrag0n22, if on the other hand, you were thinking of placing 100% custom-made non-vanilla modules & weapons aboard a hull, and then lock them down so they can’t be removed - it’s hard to tell, your first post was rather light on your full goals and details - then I think there might be some complex and inconvenient ways to do that, but only if you’re trying to place such items aboard a ship that’s on the AI’s side of a battle. I don’t believe that workaround can function adequately for any unit on the human side. I could be wrong, but I think that at least one of the mods created by Praetors makes use of such a method.

Back in early 2011 or so, there was at least one thread where we modders discussed the feasibility of creating an NPC-type race. It would have been blessed with all sorts of nasty goodies that no human-played races could have access to. If that is actually your goal, search for that thread in Gratuitous Modding.

It is indeed possible, but difficult.
First, you need to create module slot on your ship outside of player.
Second, you create a “sample” of you ship with the desired modules that will be outside.
Third, add this ship in the sampleship folder in the MAIN directory.

For a example, you can look at the Xedilco/Xidolca Grand Goremaul or the fighter of the Fritolg Empire fighters.
NOTHING prevent you from put some of the modules out of reach, but leave all other to the goodwill of the player.
WARNING! Never put a Hangar, or any modules with range, outside of the player reach, except if is to create a “limited firing arc” effect. (NEVER put a hangar outside a ship sprite…)

forgive me for not being clear, what I want to do is add a built in shield, armor, carrier ect to the ship.


It’s no a true build in, and there is a chance for the player to mess it up if not executed perfectly…
But it work fine.