Bulk Purchases/Language Support/Difficulty

I apologize for posting multiple topics in one thread.

I work with many economists and ministry officials, and I simply love the Democracy series and wish to get more of them to play.

  1. I’m interested in bulk purchases so I can give licenses to my colleagues and partners. How would one go about doing that?

  2. Do you ultimately have a list of intended languages for Democracy 4? If there was interest in expanding the languages to include specific local languages, how could that be done, transifex?

  3. I know you address “difficulty” and the concept of “winning” in D4 in DevBlog #21, but a so-called “difficulty” slider, which would decrease/increase the frequency of shocks and so on.

  4. Random/Regional issues. There are some issues that are not just specific to a given country, for example: transnational terrorism (Middle East, Central Asia, Sahel); More immediate climate change (Sahel vs UK or Northern Europe); Migration (S. Europe vs N. Europe). Would there be any way to add in a modifier such that if you select a country in a given region such events would be triggered or already existent?

  1. If something is legal, this can be presumed.
  2. Cliff (The developer) does and has. Any particular language that you were searching for?
  3. Difficulty has been revamped with more settings when v1.35 comes out.
  4. This considered too complex by Cliff. Although country level adjustments could help make these countries feel more unique.