Bullet Weapon texture

I’m having some difficulties regarding making a twin turret.

My Rebel Twin Laser (advance version of Cruiser Laser)

As class module the weapon I’m making is a “SIM_BulletWeaponModule” and what I understand from the reading on the boards the bullet texture is within the bullets.dds. The “color” command controls which one it shall use in bullets.dds (0-8). Also I have seen in some mods that are using multiply numbers under “color”?
What’s the best option to make two bullets flying at the same time? I was thinking of bullet color 1 just double.

I need some advise, thanks.


I have not seen any mod that used “multiply numbers”, can you give an example ?

In the Unity mod I came across the same problem with my dual bullet turrets, the only option i came up with is to modify 2 images in bullets.dds.

This means that you have to make all single shooters use color 1 or 3, leaving all double barrel shooters to use color 0 or 2

Very cool turret by the way :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

The multiply color number I found in Dakka mod: viewtopic.php?f=23&t=5443 (alliance twin beam).

By the way, should twin laser bullet have pixel contact with eachother so it counts as one when using “color”?

Ah yes, Dakka mod. The twin beam uses material from one of my old mods - BigGunz, which evolved into Unity.
The alliance_cruiser_dualbeamlaser uses beam_orange_double.dds which is a beam weapon.
For bullet weapons I only managed to get this method working.

No, the graphic doesn’t need to be touching. The game works on fixed zones and will display anything within that specific area.
So if your graphic spreads into the next zone, it will be displayed with the next bullet instead of the one your working on.

It works now! :slight_smile:
If you want my Rebel Twin Laser dds files just let me know.

Rebel Twin Laser dds file ?
Did you modify the bullets.dds or did you create a new one ?

I modified the bullets.dds

Yea, if you want the graphic for the rebel twin laser (rebel_twin_laser.dds and turret_rebels.dds)

Ah, i see what your refering to. (for a moment their i thought you had found away around modding the bullet.dds file)
I am assuming that you have also made a double turret blast as well ?


Thats cool, but i dont think modifying the original bullet texture is a good thing since u will leave all the regular bullet weapons using the same texture. For a total conversion mod is good, but dont u think seeing the original alliance / empire ships with the same bullets with different turrets is a bit crappy??. I hope one day clinfski allow to use custom bullet textures, thats one of the most asked things for a lot of modders. I had that idea time ago when i was working on the Tau’ri mod and i needed to make the real rail gun weapons, but since i coudnt make custom bullet textures, i just forgot about that kind of weapons.

I have been thinking about that bullet issues also and came up with something that may or may not work. just add the daul images behind the current ones and just adjust the ones that need the dual images. So that for example the first 4 are the normal colors and then the second ones are the dual. I have not atempted this just yet but it is something that might be looked into.

I have tried a few options but not that one.

The way i did my dual bullets for the Unity mod was to look at every bullet weapon and find out which bullet numbers were NOT used by the original weapons. Then it was only a matter of modifying the unused locations. This way, the original game is not effected and i get my dual bullets.

However i still think the best way is to ask Cliff nicely if he could enable the code to select which DDS file to use for the bullets, same way you can select the dds file for beams.

I tried that time ago, and no. It doesnt work. The game will look only from 0 to 8, it doesnt matter if u add a texture on the right or on the bottom.

It’s only allowed to use 0-8, but I can count to 10 different bullets?

its 0-9, i wasnt counting the first 0 (well i wwrote 0-8 but i wasnt thinking on the 0… lol). So it doesnt matter if u put a new texture after the number 9 or just below the number 6. And the space between the 4 and 5 is not a texture space, the sprites are bigger so they count by 2. The thing is there are just 10 sprites that the game will look into following the sequence to the right and down. So the only way to create new bullet textures is replacing the existing ones.

its only 0 - 8. If you use color=9 then the game will draw the whole dds file as a bullet testure instead of the blue number 9 bullet.

Yup, 0-8.
The real important thing is that there are only 9 texture sprites to look into. Thats the limit.

Hopefully cliffski might be able to do something after the campaign is released.