Buy Races and Hulls for honour - Comments

V1.18 brings us unlockable races and hulls via the honour point system.

I find this to be an excellent improvement to the game. No longer must the player complete the entire game in order to be Empire! It’s really excellent work and the scaling of the costs means that those small fleet, massive honour wins have suitably priced unlocks to absorb that extra honour. The casual player doesn’t need to unlock all races and hulls in order to be able to complete all the missions. Although the least skilled players have no method of endlessly increasing their fleet strength until they succeed. But at least now, even the weakest players have the ability to obtain any unlock that anyone else can obtain. They only need to save enough points. The mission structure doesn’t introduce game strategies in the explicit way that I would have liked (e.g. Enemy missile fleet on Hard or Expert, prior to the player obtaining point defense unlocks). But then, if I was making the campaign, I would be introducing the player to their first shield module on mission 3… The game such immense potential for a single player campaign. But I feel that is for an expansion at this stage.

So, what would I like to see in the future?

Perhaps more hulls should be locked, with a lower unlock price for each? Reduce the players’ initial options to allow a more gentle immersion into the game. Lower prices means more frequent choices over a nice new module or a nice new hull.

Honour caps. So players cannot get too much honour from any one mission.

The ability to assign specific unlocks to be unlocked on completing a specific mission at a specific difficulty. (Good for mod campaigns).

The ability to have an honour cost on the aforementioned unlocks and honour specific only to a single mission for buying those unlocks. (E.g. Score over 3000 honour over Normal,Hard,Expert on one mission to afford a Star Destroyer Ion Cannon that is only available to that mission).

Implementation of campaigns within the game. Consider the current missions as the main game campaign and provide a menu for selecting a new one.

Something needs to be done about mod missions affecting the race unlocks, assuming they still unlock when all hard or expert missions are completed.

Implementation of mission unlock control. (E.g. Complete mission 1 on normal unlocks missions 2 and 3. Completing mission 3 on hard unlocks 5. Completing mission 2 on normal unlocks 4, on hard 6 etc).

Implementation of mission descriptions or a briefing text. (E.g. The Battle of Endor. We are deploying your fleet into the Endor system. Intelligence reports that…) (E.g. Past tense: The Battle of Endor. The battle of Endor was a critical battle in the Rebel - Empire war that gripped the galaxy in…)

I think if there are even more hulls locked at the start, the players who aren’t that good with this game will have very difficult time to gain ANY honor at all to unlock at least something. So their gaming experience could have just way too much struggling and not enough enjoyment.

Also, yes mission description texts or briefing would be fun to read. This could make the missions feel more attached to a story or so or have more meaning. :slight_smile: But the game can be released without this feature too, it’s not that critical.

a big draw of interest for me in games is unlockables and collectibles. to offer everything upfront when you first start does not keep the interest for long-term gameplay.

the new patch kinda broke my copy of GSB… specifically regarding unlockable races.
I had my race set to “Rebels” and now when i start the game I am stuck on Rebels because now all the races are locked.

I have very few ships designed for rebels and I cannot design more ships for them because rebels are locked.

I suppose unlocking more races would probably fix it, but my main reason for posting is to report the bug.

I experienced this problem too, when I decided to reset my progress through the game.

I was able to continue, by editing “My Documents\My Games\GratuitousSpaceBattles\config.txt”, changing the last line from

race = rebel


race = federation

Since you do have some designs, you could just win some maps to earn enough honour to unlock a race (I think any race would do, just so you can bring up the race selection menu.)

Cliffski seems to read most of the threads, but if you want to be sure that your bug report gets noticed, I’d suggest reposting it in the support subforum, with [bug] in the title.

My suggested solution to the bug, would simply be to not hide the race selection button when you have not unlocked any races. No harm in letting people read about the races they can’t select yet :wink:

I personally think that Honour is far too easy to obtain.

Admittedly I only recently acquired the game, so perhaps I’m missing the subtleties of it a bit, but I found myself easily able to get a balance of over 50k honour after completing only a 4 or 5 missions on easy mode.

Less honour or more expensive items are required IMO. Perhaps a staged availability too - so you complete a certain number of missions and get a “New technology has been captured and is available in your HQ” or something.

That way you can’t just do really well on your first mission and immediately buy everything you’ll ever need.

Honor is supper easy to get. I can easily get 20k with some plasma cruisers and AA frigates on those larger maps.

post your ship component spec plz!!! :slight_smile:

I’m changing the next version so that you can always get into that race selection screen. It was a problem because the new locking system meant you might not be able to select any unlocked races due to no honor, and yet you had already changed race. In future you can always access the race selection screen (although only select unlocked races) so its not a problem.

I’m changing the next version so that you can always get into that race selection screen. It was a problem because the new locking system meant you might not be able to select any unlocked races due to no honor, and yet you had already changed race. In future you can always access the race selection screen (although only select unlocked races) so its not a problem.

cliff, why the double post?

I’m assuming your fav race is tribe, as that is what your picture if, Cliff.

There is already an honor cap. It is the mission budget.

While I can appreciate how some folks would really enjoy this, I find that too much sequence of this nature makes bottlenecks where certain players (often myself) just quit a game because in order to progress they have to accomplish one task that they just can’t manage. For me, it’s usually because the “trick” to moving forward is something that is counter-intuitive or just plain not fun for me.

This could be a good opportunity for more tongue-in-cheek humor in keeping with the tone of the manual, race descriptions, module descriptions, etc. I think I’d rather read more of that than any sort of serious mission briefing (Assault on Centrax III: The Centraxians have the galaxy’s biggest natural supply of Xendium, a key additive for our newest soft drink production processes. Being a peaceful people, we considered offering the Centraxians a fair trade agreement for their natural resources. Then we decided it would be easier to just kill them and take their stuff.)


Pandora has the only supply of ultramarion (or whatever). There is a low tech race called the Na’vi…


I thought I heard the metal was Unobtainium in Avatar, I remember thinking well isn’t that a obvious name for a very very very rare ore.

necromancy should be banned under death penalty.

UM, what does that have do do with anything?

You are correct. And the name Unobtainium was already used as the “converts heat into energy” alloy for the drilling ship in the movie The Core. At least in that bomb of a movie the name was intended as a sarcastic kind of reference, since Unobtainium was supposed to be horrifically expensive to manufacture.

And how would you enforce it anyway, since the necromancer could probably reanimate himself?

And what does it have to do with the price of tea in China?

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