Buying Upgrades

I would be nice not to have to click “Choose” before buying robot upgrades. It is especially annoying because the screen close when you buy an upgrade, and you have to click “Choose” for each upgrade you want.

I recommend to put all the purchasable upgrades right there on the main screen, to avoid having to open a 2nd screen each time.

Thank’s for mentionning that issueI was just about writing a post ahah.

I think it would be just find if the window doesn’t close when you click buy :slight_smile:

I think generally it would be better if the upgrades would be directly selectable from the main slot window… like for example the way I made it in this quick mockup below:

Clicking on the Red X would bring up a popup to ask you if you want to buy that upgrade and how much it would cost you.

Also clicking on a green checkmark would ask you if you want to sell the Upgrade again in case you don’t want that upgrade anymore for some reason.

Currently you have to tear down the entire slot if you don’t want an upgrade anymore… then rebuild the slot and then repurchase all the ones you actually want… which is annoying at times.

And if an upgrade is not yet available (not yet researched) the check box becomes greyed out or something.

Or maybe make it a scrollable list… don’t know… something like so:

Anything would be better than having to go within the choose window within a slot window.

a “buy all” or “buy all researched” box would be handy :slight_smile:

I love the first screen you made MeduSalem. Thumbs up to the ability to uninstall a component, I forgot to mention that as well in my OP.

The trouble is that window might get pretty big. What do people think about the bottom part of it being 2 tabs, the efficiency tab and the upgrade tab?

Hi Cliff,

would be great to combine several posts regarding this window and split it into 3 tabs:

  • overview
  • upgrades
  • required parts and stock

Putting all the upgrades in a (scrollable) tab would end the mess with the separate upgrade window which has to be opened for and will close after each upgrade.
A third tab with the required parts and (available and ordered) stock would provide an overview of all parts that may be need at a station no matter if the are on the move, on stock or will required as soons as space in stock will get available.

Anyway: Thanks for the last game update :slight_smile:

Kind regards

Tabs are almost always a good solution to prevent GUI cluttering… and they also allow for future expansion… So yes… I’m for having tabs. :smiley:

Which Information goes to which tab is then just a matter of grouping information together on how they are related to one another.

Yes for tabs!

And here they are!

Looks good… :smiley:

Maybe the “Configure Imports” window could also be integrated as a Tab? Would only be consistent.

Yep, must agree at both points.
If the ‘Stockpile’ section would become a own tab this would allow to combine both: Getting an overview (maybe with names?) of each component used at the selected slot combined with the ability to see and switch its sources (any/prefer in-house/in-house only). But better put the text of each source options one time as a column name and just radio buttons without any text per component to make the selection.

One more note to the upgrades tab: I’m missing the price of the available to buy upgrades. How about adding the price to the tool tip?

And a last one: The number of employees is a general information like the consumed power so im would be better placed near them.

This would be 3 improvements in one change :smiley:

Yeah the employees needs to be moved, this is legacy from the very first pre-alpha builds where employees had names and could fire them, so they had their own bit of GUI.
I didn’t realize I had missed the money from the tooltip, I shall make sure to put that in too!
I figure stockpiles is important enough in general usage that you would not want that data hidden behind a tab?

Of course I can speak only for myself but if I just want to know how many parts are at the stockpile I don’t click at the slot. At this first moment a look at the stockpile tile of the slot is enough.
But when taking a deeper look into the stock situation over time in some cases I miss the components that will be needed at an earlier or later stage of processing but are not shown because of the limited space in stockpile. This is obsolete as soon as you split up the processing into several slots with a maximum of 4 components.
The requirements for the actual task should stay on the main page at any time to get a quick overview why a slot states ‘Insuffient Resources’.

So from my point of view it is more related to the early game (with slots that need up to 14 different components). The benefit of a tab just for all components (no matter if on stock at this moment or not) would be to see all components that will be used by a slot (e.g. to split them onto several Supply Stockpiles), to include the import rules and show the names of the components. With all the different but sometimes equal looking components (like Servo, Starter Motor and Sensors) I need to look at the tool tip to know what component is needed. But that’s maybe just a problem to myself …

But that’s just mine point of view and other players may have a different one …

At all: Please add your feedback so there will be a better overview of players needs :slight_smile:
At Cliff: Thanks for your efforts!