Camera need?

Hi all,

why do we need camera both at Fit Trunks and Fit Brakes ?
how many cameras our cars have ?
and, why not in Fit Electronics ?



fit trunk needs a camera if you have a rear view camera for reversing fitted as an upgrade.
fit brakes camera is probably related to the traffic aware cruise control (which is linked to the accelerator/brake mechanism) and used to detect the car in front.
Ideally the GUI would explain this better…

The camera for adaptive cruise control is either put in the windshield or the front bumper. You really cannot see anything from the brakes.

Oh absolutely, but the trouble with being really literal about when stuff gets fitted is that from a game point of view, its not spread out nicely along the car line, so the bottleneck situation becomes even worse. The reason I’m putting it in with brakes is I’m trying to make the conceptual link to controlling speed == brakes == all types of cruise control.

maybe I’m just confusing people though?

As cars are complex things for one feature to work, items get added in different parts of the car. For early cruise control: there was just something that controlled the throttle. There was a sensor on the breaks that would disable the cruise control if the breaks were pressed.

The new adaptive cruise control has a unit that controls fuel injection, breaks sensors and controller, a camera/radar detector and a central controller computer.

Currently the game is very simplistic.