Campaign Bug Error: Ship Hull Not found

Hey guys,

I just installed the campaign, but cant seem to play. Whenever I try to launch an attack onto a planet, and end my turn, the game crashes with the following error code:


Ship Hull not found ->:…\src\SIM_ShipHull.cpp 503


PC Version with the tribe and order expansions installed. I can play the regular fleet games just fine thou. Thanks for any help.


I now have this problem.

Played theough the campaign once, now on the second time.
Fine last night. Turned the PC on today and GSB won’t startup.
I get the BMP and music but no icons. Tab out and you find the “Ship Hull not found ->:…\src\SIM_ShipHull.cpp 503” error. Close this and GSB closes as well.

I have all the expansions installed and all was fine until today. Installed via Impulse.



and you guys dont have any mods installed? or have you fiddled with any of the hull txt files?

cuz from the looks of it, something is wrong with the hulls… but you already figured that out.

its hard to help if you cant see it first hand.

i would try re installing gsb and if that didnt work, i would go berserk and punch a hole in the wall (lol)

Hi Cliff.

No, no mods just the standard program.

I’ll do the re-install and let you know the outcome.


go to my documents/my games/gsb/debug folder and check debug.txt and errors.txt and tell us what type of hulll you are missing

OK, errors.txt has a string of the following from everytime I try to start the game.

“2/1/2011 - 16::41 - Ship Hull not found ->:…\src\SIM_ShipHull.cpp 503”

Debug.txt contains the following:-

----DEBUG FILE----
Windows 7 detected
GSB Debug File. App version Full 1.54
Desktop resolution is 2560 x 1600
Initialising Direct3D
Initialising global vertex buffer
creating render targets
success in initialising 3D
Checking for application update
Start of SIM_Internet::OpenLink
End of SIM_Internet::OpenLink
SIM_Internet::DownloadFile(C:\Users\Paul\Documents/My Games/GratuitousSpaceBattles/web/tmp563.html)
SIM_Internet::DownloadFile ends
Up to date

Initialising Direct Input
Finished Initialising Direct Input
Initialising Sound Engine
Initialised Sound System with 512 channels

Finished Initialising Sound Engine
Design [Federation Gazelle] deleted because it was not valid with this version

Looks like it has deleted the Gazelle, maybe this is the problem.

I have not had the time to re-install yet.


the gazelle design is not deleted it is only how to say it… the program will not use it… unless you will use it and it will crash… so look for it in my documents/my games/gsb/ships/ find that ship design show us or delete it permanently… or both and tell us what happened

This sounds like a clash between creating and deleting player ships in the normal game, using them in the campaign, and the campaign expecting deleted designs to still be there. Unfortunately, GSB can’t handle this situation at all, it’s a bit of a side-effect of the campaigbn being designed after the existing game was finished.
Does this make sense? or is this not related to the problems you have?


All the ships in use were designed in the campaign mode during the first play through.

The gazelles were made to attack where the big boys can’t.

I’ll find the ships and remove them from ships folder.

I can see my push being stalled as a large fleet that is holding the line is using them.

I’ll report back when I have mangaed to remove all the hulls from the ships folder.


Hmmm I never did get it fixed. But my system crashed a few days ago, so now everything seems to be fine.

I am reusing the same GSB saved ship designs as I was before the crash. I think it might have been a problem with my network. I had to allow GSB through my firewall just now, but I never had the option before. Maybe it got blocked by default, and the game crashed because it could not connect to the servers to download the custom ship designs?


The ship.txt’s were not the problem.
I ended up deleting the lot, and its still the same error and crash.

I’ll look into my firewall settings to see if an update has caused a problem for GSB.


Try start the new campaign now