Campaign Bugs

Upon clicking Campaign from opening screen, list of existing campaigns appears. Deleting unwanted campaigns does not delete them.

Upon playing regular GSB online challenge, open campaign, initiate first battle, ships appear from previous battle in GSB. They turned out to be illusionary, but it did give me a brief thrill. “Oh yeah, that 100K in tribe cruisers is going to KICK ASS!” But really it was just a half dozen fighter squadrons, which became apparent after “fight” button clicked.

In a battle vs. Rebels, I was attacked by Rebels and captured several ships. Game crashed upon clicking on the little window that pops up after the battle is over that shows what you’ve captured and how much hull is left. Restarted campaign. It looked like the previous turn or earlier the same turn had not been recorded, upon finishing turn attack repeated–from a different direction, but a similar Rebel fleet. Same crash happened after capturing several Rebel ships. Repeated same sequence a third time, yet another Rebel fleet appeared, but this one was smaller and it was either wiped entirely or only one ship was captured–I seem to recall the former. No crash.

Homeworld to NE goes to system where no fighters can go; from that system to SE is another way to the same place. On one turn I attacked that world from the SE direction; the computer attacked homeworld from the “no fighters” system (I need to print out the map…). In a highly amusing turn of events, the enemy fleet cloned itself. So I fought it at its system of origin–had cruiser fleet, had to retreat–and at homeworld–where Fighter Pack O’Death munched 'em up. Or maybe that’s a feature, but I found it terrifically amusing.

Not complaining–is Beta–but offered here FYI.


Here is a bug–or is it a feature?–that can cause agita. . .

Saving Orders for unit X does not seem to change orders for unit X elsewhere. And it seemed to me that when I would select all units of one time, delete an order, such as cautious, then save orders, during the next battle some of those very same units would have cautious orders again. I wasn’t able to track this with great accuracy, but it did take about 4 or 5 turns of consistently resetting the same order for the cautious order to remain deleted. Same thing happened when I introduced painter fighters into my force; the new order set took several tries before it “took.”