Campaign bugs

  • fleet retreat results in my fleet being removed from campaign map and destroyed. Some suggest the fleet retreated to a hostile planet and was destroyed. By design?
  • moved fleet to a planet where fighters can not be used. Had a message “some ships had no engines” - message is incorrect

I’ll post more as I find them.

  • I got a single fighter fleet to retreat from battle and remain on the campaign map - except it retreated to a planet that can’t support fighters.
  • deployment screen in campaign no longer shows ship speeds in tool tip
  • has anyone else noticed the cruiser proton beam does no damage at all (beam does 73 armour damage but I got a No effect result every single time.)
  • ignore comment on proton beam - same thing happened with other weapons. That particular fleet has something fishy going on.
  • had my first ever GSB crash-to-desktop after saving a ship design and returning to campaign map. Corrupted campaign data - whole lot lost. :frowning:
  • Click CAMPAIGN from main menu and go to delete corrupted campaign. Delete button warns but does nothing - can’t delete corrupted campaign. CAN delete valid campaigns.
  • On very first turn of new campaign I got three “updates” for the same planet - Sullgobah - home planet. Same on 2nd turn.
  • Saving designs with same name adds a mk1 to the name, which is fine, but when you do that again, it doesn’t name mk1 but instead mk1_mk1
  • and another game crash when saving ship design. This time campaign was NOT corrupted
  • after reloading that crashed campaign the “updates” to my homeworld at end turn now reports just the once and not three times
  • how are fleets chosen from the ‘database’ when invasions are generated? My 4000 point fleet was up against a 22000 point team. It took me a nanosecond to hit retreat!
  • the constant changing opponent fleets is hard to get use to. I’ll retreat from one fleet then return on the next round and the fleet is completely different. Probably by design but is there any continuity here - same race even? I’ll gear my fleet expecting missiles and then I’m swarmed by fighters the very next round. It makes me one to make a single generic design and just fly that every as I’ve no idea what to expect.
  • after deploying I clicked the FIGHT button and the PLEASE WAIT box went on for ever and ever. I waited in case there was simple server delay but it never went away. Only happened the once. I run in window mode so the game eventually had NOT RESPONDING in the title bar. Campaign recovered okay
  • the stats screen showing who won/loss/defeated is meaningless in a campaign sense due to the honour points being anything at any given time.
  • the auto deploy in the deployment screen assigned craft too far forward - beyond the ‘white’ zone

this could mean that you have mods that have flaws, i had similar problem and the solution was to search the latest moded modules and often change the gui name or the name of the module so that there won’t be any modules with the same name, also when you use hulls from other mods sometimes you must also copy some files from particleconfigs folder and bitmaps->fx folder to some hulls properly work. And check the debug.txt error.txt for clues(the are oftenly in your my documents->my games->gsb-> folder)

No mods on my PC but tis a good consideration. I have standard game + the extra race DLC (The Order?) + campaign. All auto-patched and none on steam. None Mac.

  • on campaign map, when a planet gets invaded by the computer, you need a RETREAT button. Sometimes you’ll have a pitiful fleet and simply don’t want to go to battle. Any ship with a speed less than X gets destroyed and the rest retreats without engaging.
  • I engaged a mixed race fleet, nice.
  • computer never tries to retreat despite overwhelming odds

Cliffski - I’ve had my second campaign corrupted now - this one after a significant number of turns. :frowning: Is there a single file I can send you or post here? I’m happy to zip up complete folders if possible.

“There were problems encountered loading data for this compaign game. Sorry!”

I suspect its due to me deleting ships or designs whilst still in the campaign.

It probably is due to that. That area is very complex becauise the game was never designed around the idea of ongoing battles, so deleting designs mid-campaign is a bad idea :frowning:

K - just happened a third time. Brand new campaign. New race. Straight into ship design. Designed a Cruiser and saved. No problem. While still in ship design I designed a fighter. Saved no problem. Exit to campaign map - crashed to desktop. Campaign still valid. I’ll see if I can nail it down to a specific thing.

Looks like good, detailed notes. Keep up the effort!

As far as bugs I have encountered.
I’m running 1.49 with no mods.

The game crashes every time I retreat.
And once every blue moon I hit an empire glitch saying the game cant find the Shield support beam module?
And I’ve gotten one champaign corrupted from deleting ship designs to get rid of clutter.

Still having fun though. :slight_smile:

To avoid the corrupted campaign problem I resorted to exiting the campaign then using the ship designer external to the campaign, then re-entering the campaign to use my new ship design.

Funnily enough (not really) the game crashes when I exit ship design EXTERNAL to the campaign. In other words I don’t think the crash has anything to do with the campaign at all. Designing external to the campaign is a sufferable exercise because I don’t need to do it very often and while the game has crashed a few times, it is very quick to restart the game and my campaign is preserved every time.

I do not get a crash when I retreat and in fact - my retreat works now without fail. :slight_smile:

Yeah, after playing part of the campaign before it went capute. I had figured out all the roles I need for my ships, so now I generally just pre make all those ships for a race before I start a new campaign again.
For Cruisers I Design a;
fast Short range CL Cruiser, (with at least one Beam Laser)
a Medium range Beam Laser Cruiser (sometimes with carrier bays)
A long rang Missile cruiser I’m on the fence about MWM vs FML (Fast Missile Launchers) because i did a Missile cruiser test and FML won, but most people still prefer MWM???
I’m now experimenting with an AA Cruiser with carrier bays now, cause I know with all the fighter spam a fighter fleet will pop up eventually.

For frigates I like an;
ION/ECM/ anti Missile frigate for cruiser support
AA frigates, (but in a fighter spam test 21 FT vs 38 FR they lost badly, so I probably wont invest much into that design anymore)
and a Laser/ECM frigate for fighter support to eat up cruiser armor resistance for fighters (if cruisers are not around).

As for fighters well is either laser fighters or rocket fighters there’s not too much to it.
Did I miss anything?

Eventually I’ll make a missile combat thread
Fast Missiles are my prefered missile. They’re harder to shoot down, faster flight time and higher tracking speed, plus the relatively large engagement envelope (ie, area it can shoot) means it has a lot of chances to do a ton of damage. MWM’s are preferred because of their extended range and submunissions_live. In a straight up fight, equal number of launchers and both at idea range I’m seen fast missiles come out on top, glad to see your test agreed with mine :smiley:

Because fast missile need to cover that 260 range. FMLs have to move in while MWMs dock itself at 1160 and are tightly packed by the time the disbursed FMLs get to fire at all. When you talk about 10 or more cruisers in a fight, having the position advantage is more important in winning the scrambler wars.

Fast missile wins in 1 vs 1, but fails in large fights where position matters.

There are also various tricks, such as tanks and lures, that can keep enemy ship at the 1160-950 range.

This is a debate we’ve had for a while, 123. Those same tricks can cause your enemy to be lured right into position of the MF’s. And FM’s do more damage in their range, a point you didn’t argue. Large scale I’ve found i prefer fast’s

It’s not a matter of preferences. I put up various challenges with MWMs and Nomad missiles, and you are free to kill them with fast missiles if you like.

You can find them in the last section of my guide.

Nomad is an extended range fast missile. Fast will lose to nomad. And when i’m down with my experiments on Veil (ie, i break a million points with something other then fed’s) proving what the best missile is (be it MWM, Fast, Cruiser or decoy!) is next