Campaign bugs

One random turn, the maintenance and cash entries at the top showed a buggy text string, some letters and dashes I think. I couldn’t build anything at all that turn. I restarted, went ended the term, and it went back to normal. About 5 turns down the road, my game froze after a successful defense. Restarted, ended the turn, and then ALL my fleets were suddenly gone. Everything. Now I’m screwed because I can’t hold the choke points. My nearest starport is 3-4 jumps away and I needed 20-30k fleets to hold them.

The same just happened to me - garbled text and suddenly all ships disappeared. I quickly built a new force and played on for a few turns, but then the game crashed, and now it won’t load. I can’t even delete it.

My version is 1.62, bought from gamersgate.

are either of you using mods?

i once placed vesals that cost negative into the campaign and it did didnt go over well at all

I am only using the Dreadnought mod.

I believe this issue may be connected with me nearly going bankrupt at the time. I may have run out of money when the game went crazy. I don’t know. Next day I was able to delete the broken campaign and start a new one.

Right now I have another broken campaign, this time it will just not load, telling me “sorry, but there are problems loading your campaign” or something like this.

It is a pity that the campaign is so buggy, because I have a really good time when it works.