Campaign/Conquest enemy fleets bug

Hey, I’ve been playing the game recently after reinstalling it to get rid of some mods (they were all out of date, stopped playing for a while) and now the Campaign seems to be broken. All the fleets I come across are comprised of, at the very, very most, a single Cruiser or maybe up to three frigates. I thought maybe it was a new difficulty thing, so I started moving deeper into the galaxy with larger fleets and it still is easy as cake, even on a harder difficulty.

I’ve seen a couple posts on the site with this issue, but it never has a solution. I also didn’t find anything in the bug reports. To my knowledge my internet connection is fine, so how can I fix this?

Did you also clean/remove your ‘user’ settings, folders of GSB? If you haven’t you should.

Check: /users//My Documents/My Games/

Well, that didn’t seem to have fixed it. I opened a new campaign and the first fleets I fought were single ships or small, pitifully easy groups of other ships. Eventually I ran into a nonexistent fleet that crashed my game, so I don’t think it worked… thank you though. Any other ideas?

It still sounds that there’s leftover from the mod(s). Do a complete uninstall, then check the place GSB was installed to remove the mod files and then install GSB again.

That doesn’t seem to have fixed it either- I completely removed all things gratuitous from my computer and the campaign is still broken. I am using the Steam version of the game, but since Steam didn’t have Galactic Conquest at the time, I bought it direct from here, and have been using that installer to put it in the proper folder. It worked fine in the past, so I can’t figure out why it doesn’t now.

Have you tried to uninstall from within steam? then delete the folder it was in and the files withing your my games folder within your my documents folder? If you have ignore me I am just thinking outloud.

I’ve tried uninstalling everything from Steam, deleting all files related to Gratuitous Space Battles, and all that rot. I appreciate your trying to assist me in the matter all the same.