Campaign Crash on Mac


I looked over the board and didn’t see this topic covered specifically for the Mac so here goes…

Ive been having a great time with the game and recently tried upgrading to the campaign addon. I’m running GSB 1.552 on my Macbook Pro (OS X 10.6.7) and on opening the campaign it locks the game on an alert that allows me to send an email to the Devs or attempt to continue. After pressing both of these about 50 times it will eventually crash the game back to the desktop.

Any help? Thanks

OK so I loaded the game up today and it offered to patch itself up to the latest release. After accepting and waiting an hour (just to be sure) …nothing happened…na’da…zip…zero.

I purchased the game from Redmarble and had my Download link so I uninstalled it and then re-downloaded and installed it again. Still nothing.

There is lots of well researched help for the PC version here, how about some love for the Mac? Help please?!???

I’ll give mark a shout…

Having the same problem on a Dual 2.8 Quadcore Xeon, running 10.6.6

quite disappointed right now as I love GSB and I so wanted to conquer the universe tonight


Sorry for this trouble; it seems to be an occasional problem with the campaign installer that we have yet to diagnose. Until we do, please email us at support redmarblegames com and we’ll send you a replacement.