Campaign difficulty - walkthrough request

I’m having a horrendous time playing the campaign, and I’m trying to find a walkthrough or help of some sort. I managed to make it through the third map on the easiest difficulty level after modding a turret, but I’m fairly lost…it doesn’t seem to matter what I put down or in what order.
Some questions:
Do I need to modify every item type to be able to get through the campaign? Should I play the first two maps over and over again to get everything unlocked? Is there a point to playing the harder difficulties? (Does more get unlocked?)
I really want to play more of the campaign maps but I’m really getting frustrated on map four. Any suggestions appreciated.

Oh, and how do you zoom in and out like in the tactics video?

As of now it’s about 50 times easier being the attacking side once you have the repair truck. You can easily get 4x the require VP running nothing but heavy tanks 1 and repair trucks. On maps like map 3 where lanes are clustered together, you can kill every single turret/infantry deployed. Don’t believe me? Try online challenge 10324 on SCRIPTED

Defense side? Maybe if you are lucky enough to pick up damage bonus 2 and missile V. Forget light/medium turrets. Use only heavy with the lightest shield (1 if you unlocked it). The 4 usable weapons are currently Superheavy Cannon, Light Pulse Lasers, Missile V, and 1 Gatling to kill infantry with. Actually if you got missile V that’s you can skip cannons and lasers completely. Personally I would skip infantry too. You can beat the hardest AI with that I guess, but not against people no.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the AI runs on a completely separate credit line. What seem like a good idea when the AI is defending (infantry, various size turrets) is going to get you broke.

You can zoom in/out with the mouse scroll.

Thank you very much. I did have Missile V, although I did not have the damage modifier. I threw on Range II and Radius II and spammed missile turrets with an occasional machine gun turret or troop. Not only worked great, but ended up with every turret spot filled and supply capped at the end. Now I can relax and try attacking for once.

I can give you two tactics that will work just about every time:

Attacking: As has been mentioned, Heavy Tank -> Repair Truck -> Heavy Tank -> ad infinitum, you will easily win. You can even pick just about any weapon, it wont really matter.

Defending: Missile Turret V’s, with Command Centers next to clumps of them. Add 1-2 Machine Gun turrets of any type to counter infantry.

Don’t forget the pause button!

I found attacking much easier when I realised I could pause whenever I liekd, and survey the situation (especially what units I could see the defenders building) and think about what to do next.
GTB plays a lot more like a turn-based war game in that respect than a conventional tower defense game. People seem to be playing it in arcade fashion, but you can play it at a much more relaxed pace if you want to :smiley:

Are there any special suggestions for the Heavy Tank build? The computer whips out a whole bunch of laser infantry in trenches and cheap anti armor guns and I get torn to shreds. I actually win almost all of my defensive battles now, but lose almost all battles where I attack.

a single machine-gun armed tank or mech should always be in your attack mix if the enemy has a bunch iof infantry. It will take care of them :smiley:

Heave Tank 1, engine 3, armor 1 x2, missile V, best scope/reload, damage 2, range 2.
Heavy Tank 1, engine 3, armor 1 x2, Gatling, best scope/reload, damage 2, shrapnel 2.

and repair trucks moving around the same speed. All your heavy tanks should be covered by repair trucks at all time.