Campaign - dissappearing fighters & Empty Fleet = crash

This is actually TWO bugs.

First, I’ve noticed that occasionally, fighter groups will disappear from enemy fleets when they are encountered again. This seems to happen most when you retreat. This isn’t a major bug, except…

If you ever fight a sector that has NO ships in it (the fighters that were there last time having vanished), then the game will crash (GSB.exe yadda yadda). This makes that sector impossible to fight, and I’m not sure what will happen if the fleet moves to attack…

Ok! Found a fix.

Go to the enemyfleets folder, find which one has all the Quantities set to 0, and change Quantity and Entrycount to 1. That did the trick… Dunno why just setting the Quantity didn’t work… meh.

Oh, and found out what happens when it moves to attack (checked the debug logs) - It says ‘Ok, that’s a pointless attack’, and cancels it.

Awesome effort Robin Bobcat
Thank you for posting up your solution so that other people can see what you have done to resolve the issue.