Campaign game work-in-progress image

Just throwing this here for people who have missed the blog or the other thread under support.
work-in-progress, but definitely getting there:

woo hoo! is “Sullgobah” the name of the planet or the ship that’s being made?

Cool. I like the fleet name in the corner, and particularly the map with links (as opposed to the open map).

Do you have some properly gratuitous name for the drive that gets you from planet to planet?

Looks nice Cliff! Is it just me, or does this particular screen look like a militarised version of the screens in Starship Tycoon, but given a graphics upgrade?

If Cliff made that game too, then the answer is likely yes.

This looks like Star Wars: Empire at War. I can’t wait to play it!

Very, very nice-looking work, Cliff. I’ll definitely be snapping up the expansion when it’s available.

Speaking of which, are you going to be doing an open- or closed-beta? And either way, how does one sign up for such a thing (if it exists)? I’d love to try out the campaign and help you put the spit and polish on it before release.

That game is a very underrated RTS. Probably one of the only good Star Wars RTS games out there.

Definitely looking forward to the campaign. Should be fun times! :smiley:

You know what? I probably am one of the few who enjoyed it - but I loved Star Wars : Rebellion the one that came out in the late '90’s. I know there were many problems with it but I loved it nonetheless.


I wouldn’t be surprised to find more of them around here. I can’t even begin to count the number of hours I sunk into Rebellion.

The only thing I had against it was ground combat and the space combat… I loved the strategic elements with diplomacy, assasination, etc.


EaW really did it for me. Apart from the ground battles in galactic conquest, the game was just damn amazing.

How was it in comparesin to Star Wars | Rebellion? Limited money so saving up for Cliffski’s campaign DLC, and Civ 5 for my ex.
Anyone know if the Campaign will be able to be single player or will it just be multiplayer?

Exterminate or Delete? Dr. Who is on.


i think its only single player

exterminate… dalek>cybermen

“What would that be?”
-dalek taunting cybermen (doomsday, series 2)

I don’t want it to seem like I’m just noticing this about GSB, but:

That is gorgeous. Keep up the good work, Cliff, and I can start legitimately referring to GSB as my favorite sci-fi nerd porn. :slight_smile:


to be honest…

I’ve never played Rebellion. smacks head against wall

Rebellion was great. Empire at War was basically just a remake of Rebellion.

Rebellion must be really fun then. EaW was awesome :smiley:

Actually Rebellin was way better than EaW, which revolved a bit too much around tactical battles, just the way the total war series does.

Empire: Total War was just about a perfect balance for a TW game, as far as I’m concerned. I did like Rebellion more, but only because it was unapologetically a logistics and war planning game more than anything else.