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Ah SW Rebellion, it felt so good to sucessfully build a Death Star and crush those rebel scums! Haha good memories… If GSB’s campaign could also support the concept of ‘gratuitous agents’ like in SW Reb, that could act to do scouting, recruitement, and some gratuitous space command that would be really a blast!

Still I can’t wait to play the campaign! :slight_smile: Keep up the good work Cliff!


heh. I like the fact that in SW: EaW FoC the Death Star II you build can blow up enemy capital ships in battle. Bye bye, Home One xD

Ground battles lacked in certain areas but space combat was another thing altogether, also SW: Empire at War was the only RTS that came close to being the perfect strategy, it had everything:

-non-linear but story driven campaign through galactic conquest instead of strictly scripted series(even disjointed by screen interface) of localized skirmishes through which you are forcefully lead like almost all RTS games do, including Supreme Commander 1,2

-global economy, management of planets and turn based military deployment

-fantastic unit animations, even by today’s standards, check out the animations of Empire mech vehicles…

-space battles, never done so good before or after, until GSB of course

And all of that integrated into one seamless package, SW:EoW is even today a role model of how full-blown strategy games should be made.

I’ll see your SW: Empire at War and raise you an AI War: Fleet Command.

I’ll call :slight_smile:

EAW also had ships that were chunky. :slight_smile:

When you damaged ships pieces of the ships would be blown off from the rest of it. Destroy a bank of turbolasers? Large bits of debris would be floating around after detaching from the ship. The ship would still be operational, minus the turbolaser bank of course.

In a very large battle there would be an utterly gratuitous amount of wreckage floating about, ships limping around with half of the ship literally missing with destroyed ships plummeting downward to burn up in the planet’s atmosphere. Fun times!

If I were to name any game as my favourite all time Gratuitous Space Battler, it would be Freespace 2. Probably also just one of the best games ever, period.

You only played as a single-pilot fighter, but the real setpiece battles came in the form of massive warships several kilometres long blasting each other to pieces with enormous beam cannons and missiles, weaving in your tiny spaceship through clouds of flak and hoping you wouldn’t be annihilated in their crossfire.

Ah, the memories…

Yeah, my only gripe with EaW is that the population limits were really stingy, you could only have 20 popualtion. Given that the Corilian Corvette (think Princess Leia’s ship in episode 4) took up 2 pop and that it’s one of the units you can build right from the start, there was never any reason to tech up since by the time you had a good defence you couldn’t build those units because you ran out of room!

hehehe… that’s why I downloaded a mod that made every unit not count against population.

Holy SHIT you have never seen so many star destroyers in a huge battle with Mon Cal cruisers.

FreeSpace 2 > all

face it :slight_smile:

EaW was easily moddable, yes. :slight_smile:

I made it so that fighters would spawn infinitely. You could only have a certain number of squads per cap ship at any given time, but if the squad was destroyed a new one would launch to replace it. And I made fighters behave intelligently, so they would automatically seek out and destroy whatever they were designed to engage.

And to compensate I made anti-fighter defenses utterly gratuitous. Not all that accurate, but I hugely improved their range and fire rate.



Fun times! That and of course adjusting the popcap. Its all saved in .xml files, you can change things with notepad. GSB is like an EaW space battle, but then throw in the campaign as well and its like EaW with customized fleets and even prettier graphics.

heh. you could also think of EaW as a GSB Land Mod that’s in 3D xD

well despite the fact that we are slightly off topic, i think ill have to check out Freespace 2.

How many tens of thousands of ships can you get in freespace? :slight_smile:

Lets get back on topic. When is this coming or is it not. I really need this as my GSB motivation is wanning and I’m a more stratigic player.

BTW I reloaded everything except mods.Theywere messing up normal games.

Very very soon.

Very very soon as in “within the next few months” or very very soon as in “it’s on the way out the door as we speek”? don’t get me wrong Cliff I’m not trying to sound like an a**hole and still planing on buying the story expansion even if it’s devopment takes longer than the time it took blizard to get Starcraft 2 on the shelves, it’s just that soon is kind of a relative phrase.

Since I bought GSB back in Jan/Feb, whenever Cliff says “soon” he means within weeks or days. Don’t worry, if you’ve waited this long, a little more will be worth it.

actually thats a screw-up! That post was meant to refer to the mac port.
Campaign is still a month away at best. I’m testing it now. it all works, but there are some graphical touches to add, and I expect to run it in a pre-order beta-style for at least a week or two before proper release anyway.
It’s pretty addictive as it is, I just need it to be balanced and not frustrating. I don’t want to rush it, even though I probably can’t justify much more time spent on it.

That’s ok take your time. Let us know when we can pre-order!