Campaign gameplay mode

Really looking forward to this game! Can’t wait to play it, which is somewhat at odds with the request i’m about to make for More Stuff Which Would Take Time To Implement.

Dont know if this has been suggested before, but i’d love to see a campaign mode added to the game at some point (even as a post release expansion). I’m not thinking something of the complexity level of Galciv/Master of Orion, or even SoTS - more something very simple, about the level of the original Shogun:Total War campaign map.

i.e. a bunch of randomly generated planets/star systems with fixed connections between them (i.e. a jump gate or starlane network) (thinking something similar to Moo3 or FreeOrion map). Each planet generates a certain amount of income. You can construct shipyards (by ship class, i.e. separate facilities for fighters, frigates, cruisers etc) at planets and build ships at those facilities limited by your income and maintenance costs. Conquer more planets with your ships. AI and/or human players try to do the same. Hilarity and explosions ensue. Some kind of rudimentary research system could be incorporated but isnt really necessary.

No diplomacy. No complex economics. No planetary/population management. Just a simple turn based strategy game which is really only there in order to generate a wide variety of space battles: some big, some small, some important, some not, some balanced, some hopelessly mismatched.

Obviously the main problem with this suggestion is that the battles won’t be gratuitous any more which is kind of at odds with the name of the game. But still want! Maybe release as an add-on called ‘Purposeful Space Battles’?

‘regrettable space battles’ maybe?
I’d certainly like to do a campaign mode, but it would likely be as a sequel or expansion rather than bundled into the current game

Works for me, so I will shut up about it now until the game is released, then start badgering you again :slight_smile: