Campaign - invulnerable alliance cruisers?

I keep running into Alliance cruisers that I cannot harm with fast missiles, normal plasma, beam weapons or cruiser lasers. In the original game, those combined arms would rip through anything given a little time, but in the campaign I keep losing to these tanks. Any advice?

Possibly these are my ‘Alliance Wall’ Cruisers? Use ‘retaliate’ orders for your ships as the only way to get over 73 armour, (which is impenetrable), is to deck the ship out with minimum systems, loads of armour and 1 gun. The weapon equipped ships cannot obtain over 73 armour, (I arm mine with fast missiles and a target painter).

lol, Fighters + lucky shots,…
solution to all your problems

That’s truly horrible. Something that tough should not ever be allowed into the cadet setting of the game. I wish you’d never put them out there, though I can’t blame you.

I have sent up to 20 swarm of fighters, and still lost out to these monsters - they make the game unwinnable for me.

That’s true. While normal can be hard and hard near impossible, easy mode really should be easy… Like the missions.

I’ve never found anything of what you’re talking about, and i have one easy where i control ~70% of the map where i’ve sat for darn near 300 weeks waiting for SOMETHING big to be found by my scouts!

How do you get these large fleets? I’m trying to find fleets with 10+ cruisers so I can capture some, and get new designs!

Blind luck. Bad, blind luck.

Ha, found one! Order missile fleet, swarmed it’s FR and FT then set my fighters to work on it’s cruisers. only captured one of the 11 though :frowning:

I’m curious now…care to post a design for these wall cruisers?

I would appreciate that as well.

They aren’t half as effective as they used to be, due to a patch that increased armour module attenuation. As a result my light wall design was scrapped and my wall design has lost several armour modules and one of the two nano repair modules. On the good side they use very little crew and are an average Cruiser price. Speed is 0.08. Be careful with formations and engagement range, since when the wall stops moving - so does the formation. Optionally increase the number of armour modules to increase durability (but not much more armour rating) and reduce the speed.

Defeated by: Retaliate and Rescuer orders.
Defeats: Cruiser and Frigate fleets of up to 4 times the size (with suitable accompanying Cruisers).

name = alliance wall
guiname = Alliance Wall
hull = Alliance Python Cruiser hull

0 = cruiser dummy missile,
1 = cruiser_engine V,
2 = cruiser_armour V,
3 = cruiser_armour V,
4 = cruiser_armour V,
5 = cruiser_nanorepair,
6 = cruiser_armour V,
7 = cruiser_armour V,
8 = cruiser_armour V,
9 =
10 =
11 = cruiser micro crew,
12 =
13 =
14 =
15 = cruiser_armour V,
16 = cruiser_armour V,
17 =