Campaign Map Chooser Glitch

Steam API v012
GSB Full 1.58.1
OS X 10.8.1
8 GB / 2.3 GHz i5

Select Campaign --> New Campaign

Where it should say “Region” it displays: CAMPAIGN_MAP_CHOOSER (and the rest can not be discerned due to multiple letters overlapping)

The map has no selection arrows on the sides and can not be changed

Where it should say “Planets” it displays: CAMPAIGN_MAP_CHOOSER_PLANETS

I can play the Campaign though it tends to crash occasionally.

I have completely uninstalled the game by using
Finder --> [cmd+f] --> (search with: [name-matches and System files-are included) and deleting all GSB files
two separate times and deleted local content and reinstalled via Steam, issue persists.

I’ve had this problem too since before the Campaign expansion left beta, I didn’t even realise there was supposed to be more than one map…is there any solution?

Ocurring on multiple pc’s, both running Windows 7.

Example screenshot

Nevermind, I mistakenly assumed that once the Campaign was installed it would get updated by the base game installed on Steam. I dug up my old purchase links and downloaded it again (this time about 1MB larger) and it’s working perfectly now.