Campaign mode is super easy?????

I just bought GSB through steam and am running on a mac. I blew through campaign mode on hard, it was super easy. I met a couple of frigates at most.
Whats up? I found a few old threads here that said “problem fixed”, with no additional information. My internet connection is fine.


I am running GSB on my mac, the 1.56.1 version, and the campaigns even on admiral level are easy… the largest fleet I have faced so far in the current campaign is 3 frigates… I am thinking something is wrong, because an earlier version of this game on simple had me facing enormous fleets? Is there a simple config file I can check for settings on this?

As a suggestion, use the search function to see if:
A) there is a thread already created
B) An answer to you question has been posted

Anyways - i suggest you read this thread as there are people that have also experianced the same problem and there is a potential fix avalaible. ( viewtopic.php?f=19&t=6630 )

The post in that thread about a corrupt file happened to me.

I got GSB as part of the Humble Bundle (in some ways the reason I got the bundle), install the Mac version from Steam and ran it. At the time it was version Full 1.55, next time I ran GSB it said thee was an update available and so i let it install it (though was surprised that the update didn’t actually come via Steam) after which the game was 1.56.1

In searching around to find out what the update was/did I found this thread, read the linked thread and ran the cache validation and found the corrupt file.

Now was the file actually corrupt or was it simply a new signature from the 1,56.1 update that Steam doesn’t know about?