Campaign Mode Problem-Inconstant foes

I understand that the fighter spam problem is being resolves. But there is still the odd feature that enemy fleets are completely different every time you fight them. This is bad from almost every point of view.

  1. It makes the battles feel fake
  2. If the enemy fleet is designed to defeat yours, just retreat and try again
  3. You don’t have to solve the problem of defeating the enemy.

Agreed - though I do see some consistency between battles. I haven’t quite worked it out. I’m not sure if a fleet is moving around making things appear inconsistent or it truely is random. See my other thread on campaign bugs.

This was a bug, which I believe is now fixed in version 1.50, but tell me if it is not. I only just released 1.50 into the wild…

(Over time, after quite a few turns, the enemy fleets do change. This is to prevent you spotting a weak enemy fleet, then building up a huge counterfleet over a long period to crush them. There was, however a bug which resulted in completely new enemy fleets a lot of the time).

Okay - I’m on full 1.49. I’ll wait for the update. I can’t see a way to force the update so I’ll wait. Is there a change log at all?