Campaign niggles

A few things I’m noticing happening as I play through the (excellent) campaign:

There are still a few stacked ships challenges out there. It’s also possible to stack ships yourself on some maps. (Sorry, I didn’t note which ones - helpful of me eh?)

Also, most times when you build on a planet which already has ships, a new fleet is created. This is good. Sometimes, though, the new ships are thrown into the existing fleet. This is not so good. Seems to happen a lot on Qualcat, and I’ve got a sneaky feeling it could have something to do with repairing ships on the same turn you’re building others.

And finally, although I’ve mentioned it before, I REALLY miss the mass deploy button.

HERE IS a niggle: Open fleet window. Drag ship out to start new fleet. New fleet window appears…on top of current fleet window. PITA!!! It would be loverly for the new window to “spawn” whereever one drops the ship being moused out of the old fleet window. . .

Here is another: small battle areas. It is already hard enough to manage battles in a way that doesn’t get you wiped, but the proliferation of “lets limit the options here” postage-stamp battle areas in GSB challenges has resulted in them appearing in the campaign. So lets start the fight within beam distance, shall we? In GSB challenges I sometimes have difficulty placing 100k of ships into the tiny deployment area provided–I shudder to think what might happen in the campaign if the deployment area was too small to fit all the ships waiting for deployment. . .infinite loop of sadness.

And another niggle related to the previous niggle: another nail in the coffin for anything other than fighters in campaign as currently set up is…fighters can always retreat safely. Retreating can be impossible on small battle areas–cruisers turn SLOWly. If the enemy is parked on your front porch right when fight is clicked, fuhgettabout it. And don’t get me started on the advantage fighters have–vs. massed fighters, the best non-fighter ships can say upon retreat is "I don’t have to run the fastest, I just need to run faster than you. Nothing worse than making the right decision–“leaving, what a good idea!”–at the absolute right time (milliseconds after clicking fight) only to have some chunk of your fleet get rabbit-punched b/c of the postage-sized battle area.

Did I get across the idea I find the small fight zone thing really annoying? Let me be clear:

They should all be bigger. :wink:


And, if your fighters have the “target cruisers at distance 200 100% of the time” order, like mine, there’s a good chance that anything but an armor tank won’t survive the 30-60 seconds required to escape