Campaign Problems (and other issues)

I think my problems are are related so here we go.

I purchased the Campaign add on for my game and couldn’t figure out how to start campaign mode. After some reading I saw that it looked like you had to be online (which I am) but I tried to hit the Online button and its asking me for a Registration code I purchased the game way back in April of last year and I still have my Reciept e-mail but I can’t seem to find a Registration e-mail or code to go along with it. In addition I’m on version 1.38 and I noticed the game is on 1.5 something.

So my question is how do I get my registration code again? Did it come from the BMT Micro E-mail address? Are these issues all related?

Thanks in Advance

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I’ve resent you your install link, which will be up to date. Just reinstall the base game, and everything will be fine,