Campaign-resource attrition and technology tree?

I was wondering if perhaps you will implement a resource system in the campaign where you would have a limited amount of crew and materials from which ships can be built and repaired so not only would you have to pay attention to have minimal losses but also how much damage you would have to repair on each ship?

I think this would add greatly to the replayability and depth of campaign.

Also will there be a technology tree for unlocking?
For example if you focus on having droids for a crew instead of humans this would benefit you because you would not have to rely on recruitment capacity of academies for your fleet and pilots, reduced power and ship capacity requirements, but the downside would be that your droid crew would not gain experience and be more efficient as quickly as living crew would.
Or something to that effect?

And this would affect weapon types too, for example if you choose missile/projectile branch tree, you would eventually get faster missiles, target painter would have a longer range etc.etc.

Similar to technology trees in Supreme Commander 2 and Sins of a Solar empire.

The campaign basically has two resources, and they are Crew and Cash. Cash is earned by factory facilities that pre-exist on planets that you take control of. Those factories produce more cash if the system is more loyal, which comes through holding the system over the long term.
Crew is produced at academies, which are different facilities which work in the same way. There is currently no restriction on the repair capabilities, but these can only take place at repair yards, and these are not everywhere. plus repairs cost cash, which could otherwise be spent on new ships.
Tech-wise, the campaign is pretty simple in that all tech is available everywhere. I’m not currently planning on a buig tech-tree and research options or anything like that.

So what factors would determine the unlocking of new technology and at which rate?
Will it be a lot more meaningful and slow paced than in the current game?

No, there isn’t any unlocking thats specific to the campaign mode. the campaign will just allow whatever has been unlocked in the normal game.

Oh, that’s a shame, I thought this progression aspect would be one of the main features of campaign…

I’m not a code writer but there may be a similar way to reflect advancement without too much work (correct me if I’m wrong). The first thing I can think of is the use of honor points like the current game uses only it could be reset everytime a campaign game starts. Right now, you can manually reset your honor points. Possibly there could be a separate Honor Point system for just the campaign game. Like I said, not sure how easy or hard that would be to code.

I was under the impression this would be the case, at least.

From my current test playthroughs, the whole focus and mechanic of the game is vastly changed by the mere fact that you are re-using fleets. Suddenly this changes everything. It means highly specialised ships are less desirable, because you never know who will invade, or who is in the next system. Plus, it means engines suddenly matter, because when you are vastly outgunned, you need to be able to turn around and warp out of there quickly.
Plus crew suddenly matters, because crew limits might mean that you can afford a ship, but not man it.
These are all big changes, and I think imrpovements, even if the idea fo a tech tree is not in the campaign.

Either way the campaign is going to be great. I’ve already started thinking that you will have to tailor your fleets depending on what borders you share with other races. Can’t wait for the release date.

I suppose this will be in it too…

well i think it looks great. As for the tech tree, while a seperate honour point system would be nice, i like having everything available from the start, and i think that something like a tech tree would turn it into something sort of like the final frontier mod of CIV IV BTS. I think that the campaign will be amazing and i cannot wait. Keep up the great work!