Campaign shipyard limit

is it possible to rework the way the shipyard limit works in campaign?
ive been trying to play campaign as Uni-T and its nearly impossible to design a ship i would want to use because of the 13k construction limit
if it would be possible to queue ships that would cost more,so that they build over 2 turns,sort of dynamically as the cash/crew accumulates and as the limit frees up,it would be awesome
as it is now,the “superships” which would concentrate all the most expensive and best tech around are impossible to build, which is a serious hit for races relying on few strong ships instead of many normal ones

Yeah - Sorry about that, Unity is not really optimised to be used in the Campaign

The easiest solution is as you say, change the limit from 13K to 100K for example.

I quite like the idea you propose of you can build a ship that will take X number of turns, but i would suggest that the player has to have the funds/crew avaliable first before they can build the ship in question.

An idea from left field is to give Shipyards the ability to upgrade ships:
So you build a skeleton of the a ship on the first turn, then the subsiquent turns you add more weapons and modules.
The difference to the previous idea is that the ship is in orbit and can be used in battle
Downside is that it would require the creation of another window (like a combination of repair yard and ship design screen)

might be a bit complicated to implement, but refitting ships… well,that would be cool :stuck_out_tongue:
Navy does it all the time anyways :slight_smile:

the construction limit itself is moddable in text files, if that helps?

yup,i know,but i didnt want to change it for balance reasons :stuck_out_tongue:
i was just looking for a way around it while keeping the rate and allowing larger ships to be built

oh well,guess ill “cheat” a little then… :smiley: