Campaign specific modules

I have been enjoying the campaign mode quite a bit and I would like to suggest a few campaign specific modules and encourage others to post their ideas as well as critique mine and others. I didn’t think too hard about these so don’t be too harsh!

Escape Pods: These handy little rocket-powered chairs come with everything your embarrassed crew will need to make it back to the home planet after their poor performance in battle. In practice some of the crew will be re-added to your crew total. The cost of this module is cheap, as the pods are recycled for use in another ship.

Cruiser/Frigate Noncombat Repair Systems: Not operational in battle, but each turn in which a ship does not take part in combat will recover 50% of the total hull strength and module hit points (meaning after two turns your fleet will be repaired completely). The cost and weight of this module is high however the price includes all the repair materials needed and so the repairs are free. Ideal for long-range missions.

Cruiser Advanced Fighter Bay: Another long-range mission module, these advanced fighter bays not only act as superior repair bays in battle (can repair two fighters at once) but can actually construct fighters for the standard price in small numbers (~5/turn). The cost is only slightly higher than a reinforced carrier bay, however the crew and power requirements are significantly higher.

I like the idea of the long range repairs. You could link those to resources available on a planet -the more resources means more repairs are possible. I think there should be a limit to how much can be repaired without going to a shipyard - eg. heavy weapons and engines can only be repaired in a ship yard.