Campaign start-up attacks

I’ve noticed that after the game crashes or is turned off by me, the next time I start up the campaign every planet that can be attacked, will be attacked. Is this intentional? Often times if one of my fleets is pitched against overwhelming numbers than the AI just sweeps through my undefended planets and by the time I have the mess cleaned up, i turn it off because im done, and shudder knowing that the next time i log in im going to get blitzed again.

On a side note, if I’m in a campaign battle, and things start to go bad for me, ive noticed that an alt+F4 will kill the game and upon reloading will revert to the turn before my embarrassment so i can undo any horrible mistakes and try again.Just a little exploit i’ve found.

Did you really have to tell?

Works for most games. It’s usually not feasible to save the state continuously, especially in a game like GSB which doesn’t support reloading mid-battle.