Campaign start-up crash

Just bought Galactic Conquest. Worked well the first time, but messed up my first battle so I deleted and made a new one. After confirming the settings (rebels at Omega Centauri on easy) and selecting to begin it crashed.

Debug files, viewed minutes after this: (note position from the bottom, same the whole way through)

Edit: Worked fine again, but when I tried to create another campaign I got this line (thankfully only twice):
3/12/2012 - 4::43 - Assertion failure:filename:…\src\GUI_CampaignAttackArrow.cpp,linenum:95,build:Full 1.60

this strikes me as a red flag, other than that i know no-thing

Actually the full section is Build: Full 1.60, a fancy way of saying I’m running the full version of the game (not demo) using version 1.60, nothing unusual.