Campaign suggestion


I’ve been trying to get back into GSB for the last couple of weeks, trying the campaign and enjoying it for the most part. It seems like the massive fighter only armies are a thing of the past, thankfully.

But there’s been one thing that’s really been bothering me lately, in fact its been ruining GSB for me. Every time I load up my campaign, the first time I end my turn, every sector that can be attacked gets attacked. This happens no matter what save I use, no matter how far I am. It takes up too much time, to the point that I dread even loading the game up to play my campaign. I mean if I play it at 4x speed, it still takes forever to finish the 4-6 battles I have to fight, and whats the point of playing this game if you have to rush battles.


Welcome back, Manlobe!

This sounds much more like a support issue than a suggestion for a new feature. You’re more likely to get help had you posted this at the Support subforum. I recommend sending a forum PM to Cliffski or emailing him directly with your Galactic Conquest problem.

Be advised that Cliffski is extremely busy with creating Positech’s next game, Gratuitous Tank Battles, and may not be able to address this issue right away. Nonetheless, he needs to know about it.

While you’re waiting for a response, why not stop by the Gratuitous Modding subforum? The modders are very nearly the only veteran players still active on the forums any longer, and we’re constantly busy creating new content for the game. The members of the Friendly Community Mod Squad have lots of cool and minty treats to “freshen up” your game with. I recommend taking a look at this one first. :slight_smile:


Hmm, true. Copy and paste time. ;D


Uhh? Seems like there is a missing reply between the two made by you astro, or i’m missing something?


No, nothing’s missing. Manlobe was agreeing with my idea that his topic belonged more on the Support forum than the Suggestions forum. Since he’s already copied his original message over to there, this thread here is now unnecessary.


Ohhhh… right, thanks for the explanation ^^