[Campaign] Too...much....crew...

I can’t be the only person to be annoyed by this ‘problem.’ Around turn 15 or 20, crew is close to meaningless, while credits are the only resource you need to worry about. Once you capture another academy or two, it’s ridiculous. There is nothing to do with them, so they just sit there. Possibly forever.
The only way to fix this, if one wanted to fix it, would be to reduce the output of some academies, possibly make a third tier, like with factories. Putting in more factories is another way, but that would upset the balance for obvious reasons.

i vote for repairs needing crew
afterall… if you end up with several decks explosively decompressing every now and then,impact shocks,system overloads…
crew dies,theyre expendable,the ships are not… we need to recrew our ships or soon there wont be any slaves on board to bring us cold beer from the fridge

What a horrible thought, thx to god you are speaking about the game… right? RIGHT?
[size=50]sry for go off-topic, I couldn’t resist xD[/size]

game? what game?
are you sure you`re feeling allright?

LOL what? GSB > Computer Game duh…
Just kidding xD

Doesn’t it depend which systems you take in which order though? I often find I’m short of cashm, or short of crew, and sometimes both. Maybe I expand my empire faster that everyone else?

Huh, I had too many credits not enough people in my experience…

Is it a bad thing if I totally turtle for the first half of the campaign? I got a fairly large defence at my homeworld, took the world with the factory directly above that home world, then turtled for a good 200 turns until I got a 50,000 point fleet. After I started pushing out, I really just got rediculous amounts of ships, till i start to have 150,000 point fleets. Personally, I like the campaign, but it is heavily weighted towards both huge missile spam fleets (20 cruisers with MWM and 70 Frigates with Missiles? Overkill much?), and Fighter spam fleets. I havn’t done the fighter spam nor have I encountered it more than once (retreated, brought in another 30 AA FT squads, ended up facing a fleet with no fighters. It was on the planet that couldn’t have cruisers), but I have heard a lot of reports about it. As for crew, It was a critical resource early on, where I was waiting turns until I had enough crew, now It’s cash.

yeahh… i was always short on crew. you must be fighter spamming or something…

I’m currently running a huge Crew glut myself. I wanted to try out the campaign with the Feds since the designs I have there are basically a good control group to get a feel for a scenario. My designs stink on ice compared to many of you. I can’t seem to make a decent Fed Frigate, so every time I run into a No Cruisers planet, I have to spam the Fighters or risk losing the whole campaign.

For whatever it’s worth, I always preferred the scenarios that didn’t allow Fighters.

Well, the introduction of pilots has mitigated this problem, somewhat. I still struggle with it though. Doesn’t everyone capture the bottom left corner first? Sullgobah, Kasheemun, and Besustine each have a ‘small’ academy, but right there you’ve tripled your crew output. Finishing the corner doesn’t (exactly) triple your credit output however, and there is also maintanence to take into account. Are my 3k-ish cruisers and 680-750 credit friagtes just too darn expensive?