Campaign update :)

Just played a campaign with only four ship designs. Three fighters, one frigate (ion speed). I played Tribe, wanted to try out their fighters. Not sure I had the fastest designs but 3.xx speed rocket fighter and dual laser serenity hull.

I played 21 gun fighter until I had lots, then frigate spam for the North-West, North-East, and South-East.

No need to build a single cruiser (I actually have only the four designs I played the campaign with).

Oh, yeah, 401 turns. I’n not a speed deamon like LKohime…
101 battles fought
2 lost
12 retreats

Oh, yeah. The order ‘Last Stand’ works great. Fast frigates no longer retreat making them targets for further attacks, thus acting as shields to their still gunned comrades (who are doing the shooting).

Heh, just got my new laptop. Going to be uploading a ton of shit to it, then optimizing my build for Veil (ramcat, i WILL beat your rebel score!).
THEN i’ll be going for a new speed record on campaign. (not pussyfooting around with 21 FT squads, just go big fast :D)