Campiagn Mode Bug

I was one of the guys who had issues with getting online as the code was invlaid.

Works great sorted by Cliff, many thanks indeed.

So been into the campaign mode, started on both maps various races and different planets each time, and the only enemy I ever face is a 72000 pt Outcast fleet.

Which there is NO chance of beating.

Is this a bug?


Good question.

Does this happen on every difficulty?



Paul Millard

So it is screwed on all the vanilla maps, I have some random map generators installed, I’ll see if that fixes it.

Did not fix it, still getting the same 10000 points of outcast frigates.

Getting the same opposing fleet every time in campaign mode. 2 tribe frigates with 3 fighters.

I have the same problem, but also with a different fleet from the others. Same opponent fleet every time. Debug logs show that is fails to download enemy fleets :“No enemy fleets found!:…\src\SIM_CampaignOpponentChooser.cpp 191”. Wondering if we are each getting a random enemy fleet to start, then no downloaded updates, so we always fight that initial random fleet.

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